HVAC Engineers Handbook Eleventh Edition by F. Porges
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HVAC Engineers Handbook Eleventh Edition by F. Porges


This book contains in a readily available form the data, charts and tables which are regularly required by heating, ventilating and air conditioning engineers in their daily work.

The data is presented in a concise manner to enable it to be applied directly in the actual daily work of the HVAC engineer. The book is designed for everyday use and a comprehensive bibliography has been included for the benefit of those who wish pursue the theoretical side of any particular topic.

For this edition some errors have been corrected, the explanatory notes on the psychrometric chart have been improved and the chart in previous editions has been replaced, with permission, by the well known CIBSE chart. Additional data has been included on design temperatures and ventilation rates and information has been inserted on precautions against legionellosis in both hot water systems and air conditioning plant. The data on duct thicknesses and sizes has been revised to conform to current practice. A new section has been included on natural ventilation and the on types of refrigeration compressors has been expanded.

 The data on refrigerants has been completely revised to list the new non-CFC and non-HCFC refrigerants. Practising engineers will still meet old plant which contains refrigerants which are now obsolete or obsolescent, and therefore the properties of the more important of these are also given.

The policy of previous editions of giving tabulated data in both SI and Imperial units has been continued although theoretical expressions are generally given only in SI units.

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