HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies by Andy Harris
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HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies by Andy Harris

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HTML5 and CSS3 ALL-IN-ONE For Dummies Third Edition by Andy Harris PDF Free Download.

Contents of HTML5 and CSS3 PDF Book

Part 1: Creating the HTML Foundation

  • Chapter 1: Sound HTML Foundations 
  • Chapter 2: It’s All About Validation
  • Chapter 3: Choosing Your Tools
  • Chapter 4: Managing Information with Lists and Tables
  • Chapter 5: Making Connections with Links
  • Chapter 6: Adding Images, Sound, and Video 
  • Chapter 7: Creating Forms

Part 2: Styling with CSS

  • Chapter 1: Coloring Your World 
  • Chapter 2: Styling Text
  • Chapter 3: Selectors: Coding with Class and Style 
  • Chapter 4: Borders and Backgrounds
  • Chapter 5: Levels of CSS
  • Chapter 6: CSS Special Effects

Part 3: Building Layouts with CSS

  • Chapter 1: Fun with the Fabulous Float
  • Chapter 2: Building Floating Page Layouts
  • Chapter 3: Styling Lists and Menus 
  • Chapter 4: Using Alternative Positioning

Part 4: Client-Side Programming with JavaScript

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with JavaScript 
  • Chapter 2: Talking to the Page 
  • Chapter 3: Decisions and Debugging
  • Chapter 4: Functions, Arrays, and Objects
  • Chapter 5: Getting Valid Input
  • Chapter 6: Drawing on the Canvas 
  • Chapter 7: Animation with the Canvas

Part 5: Server-Side Programming with PHP

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started on the Server
  • Chapter 2: PHP and HTML Forms 
  • Chapter 3: Using Control Structures 
  • Chapter 4: Working with Arrays 
  • Chapter 5: Using Functions and Session Variables 
  • Chapter 6: Working with Files and Directories 
  • Chapter 7: Exceptions and Objects

Part 6: Managing Data with MySQL

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Data 
  • Chapter 2: Managing Data with MySQL
  • Chapter 3: Normalizing Your Data
  • Chapter 4: Putting Data Together with Joins 
  • Chapter 5: Connecting PHP to a MySQL Database

Part 7: Integrating the Client and Server with AJAX

  • Chapter 1: AJAX Essentials
  • Chapter 2: Improving JavaScript and AJAX with jQuery 
  • Chapter 3: Animating jQuery
  • Chapter 4: Using the jQuery User Interface Toolkit
  • Chapter 5: Improving Usability with jQuery
  • Chapter 6: Working with AJAX Data
  • Chapter 7: Going Mobile

Part 8: Moving from Pages to Sites

  • Chapter 1: Managing Your Servers
  • Chapter 2: Planning Your Sites 
  • Chapter 3: Introducing Content Management Systems 
  • Chapter 4: Editing Graphics 
  • Chapter 5: Taking Control of Content

New for the HTML5 and CSS3 Third Edition eBook

This is actually the third edition of this book. (The previous editions were called HTML, XHTML, and CSS All in One For Dummies.) I have made a few changes to keep up with advances in technology:

Focus on HTML5: The first edition of the book used HTML4, the second edition used XHTML, and this edition uses HTML5. I’m very excited about HTML5 because it’s easier to use than either of the older versions, and quite a bit more powerful.

Integration with CSS3: CSS3 is the latest incarnation of CSS, and it has some wonderful new features too, including the ability to use custom fonts, animation, and new layout mechanisms.

Improved PHP coverage: PHP has had some major updates reflected in this book. I have modified all form input to use the safer filter_input mechanism, and all database connectivity now uses the PDO library.

Enhanced jQuery coverage: jQuery has become even more important as a utility library than it was before. The coverage updates some of the nice new features of this library

A new mobile chapter: Mobile web development is increasingly important. I provide a new chapter with tips on making your pages mobile-friendly, including use of the jQuery mobile library and building responsive designs that automatically adjust based on screen size.

Support for the WebsiteBaker CMS: I use this CMS quite a bit in my web business, and I find it especially easy to modify. I changed Book VIII, Chapter 3 to explain how to use and modify this excellent CMS.

Various tweaks and improvements: No book is perfect (though I really try). There were a few passages in the previous edition that readers found difficult. I tried hard to clean up each of these areas. Many thanks to those who provided feedback!

Download HTML5 and CSS3 ALL-IN-ONE For Dummies Third Edition by Andy Harris in PDF Format For Free.