Fire Protection Systems and Response by Robert Burke
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Fire Protection Systems and Response by Robert Burke


Since taking my current job at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, I have had the opportunity to micromanage and micro-learn concerning issues of fire protection on our urban campus. Unlike my previous years in the fire service where inspectors and fire marshal’s often times have such large jurisdictions that it is almost impossible to focus on any given subject for any length of time, here I have had the opportunity to really dig into and dissect almost all aspects of fire safety and fire protection. Part of that process has involved interface with the Baltimore City Fire Department (BCFD).

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the dedicated personnel of BCFD and working with old friends and making many new friends. One of my missions has been to make their job as easy as possible when they respond to alarm bells or other emergencies here at the university. Over the past decade I have learned a great deal from the firefighters and I hope I have been able to teach them some things along the way as well. It was this interface and learning process with the firefighters of BCFD that led me to the idea of sharing some of what I have learned with other firefighters around the country.

With this book I have tried to present information about subjects that I feel firefighters need to know when responding to buildings where fire alarms have been activated or where other emergencies are occurring. It is hoped that after reading this book firefighters will have a better understanding of the workings of building fire alarm, fire protection, and other building systems. This increased level of knowledge will help firefighters to better navigate and conduct operations more efficiently and safely in all types of buildings.

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