Excel for Everyone The Simplest Way to Enter The Rich World of Formulas by Francesco Iannello
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Excel for Everyone The Simplest Way to Enter The Rich World of Formulas by Francesco Iannello


I want to thank you and congratulate you for downloading Excel for Everyone: The Simplest Way to Enter the Rich World of the Calc Spreadsheet. Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly neglected programs that nearly everyone owns or has access to. By purchasing this book, you are now on your way to saving time and energy by easily completing a wide variety of common tasks with the help of this ubiquitous program.

As you begin to work with Excel regularly there are a number of actions and required steps that may seem strange or even arcane at first. It is important to persevere, however, as proper Excel use is a skill, which means that like any other skill the only way to improve is to practice as frequently and repeatedly as possible.

This book contains proven steps and strategies designed to ensure you get the most out of every interaction you have with Excel. Inside you will learn the basic purposes of the program and how it can help you be more effective in a number of different ways.

From there you will learn about the primary ways to interact with Excel, how to sort and filter complex data, how to use formulas and functions effectively, how to print and create graphs and how to understand common error messages and how to avoid them.

Once you understand what is required, using Excel can provide you a wide variety of options when it comes to working with data in a multitude of forms. One of the primary ways to use Excel is most often associated with the financial sector and allows the user to create their own formulas and then use them to calculate everything from an annual report to a simple sales forecast.

It can also be used for a variety of tracking and organizational purposes such as creating status reports, contact lists, invoicing and nearly anything else you could ever need. It can also come in handy when it comes to dealing with large sets of complex numbers which may require charting, graphing or statistical analysis. Excel groups related data into workbooks with each workbook then containing numerous worksheets dedicated to specific tasks and functions.

Each workbook and worksheet is completely customizable and can be interacted with and manipulated in a number of ways. Data is stored in a mixture of vertical and horizontal rows with each row and column then being broken down even further into individual cells. Get used to the cells, they are the primary method of interacting with the spreadsheet.

Each cell can store either letters or numbers but it is best to generally stick with one or the other as many sorting functions can only search for one type of character at a time. Each cell can then be attached to additional cells through the use of what are known as formulas. Formulas can be created on the fly or users have the option of applying numerous formulas that come premade.

Preprogrammed formulas include things like finding the standard deviation, common mathematical formulas and even calculate interest payments. Each cell also has the ability to use a formula and then display the results based on a variety of criteria. Cells can also be colored uniquely as well as given unique fonts, borders and more.

When it comes to creating charts and graphs, Excel offers up many more options than a simple word processing program can. Excel can translate data into a wide variety of form from a diverse multipoint pivot chart to the classic pie chart, if you know where to look, Excel does it all.

Download Excel for Everyone The Simplest Way to Enter The Rich World of Formulas by Francesco Iannello easily in PDF format for free.