Comprehensive Excel 2016 A Step by Step Training Guide and Workbook by Jeff Hutchinson
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Comprehensive Excel 2016 A Step by Step Training Guide and Workbook by Jeff Hutchinson

Excel has become a valuable industry standard. Whether it is used to create a budget, list information, or improve math accuracy, it is a very useful resource. The chapters in this manual are grouped and organized to provide focus on various concepts and levels of complexity. The Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 ommand and formula structures are very similar and this manual covers all versions. However, new features added to Excel 2013 and 2016 will be covered only as needed.

Introductory Concepts - Formulas, Formatting and Printing This manual will cover three major Excel categories including Formulas, Formatting, and Printing, beginning with general operational concepts such as Interface, Cell Manipulation, and Backstage View. General Formulas covered include Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, as well as manually entered formulas.

The Formatting chapters will cover the Font, Alignment, Number, Borders, and Fill Cell features. The Printing chapter will cover Repeat Title, Print Area, and Print Selection as well as how to Scale a sheet to fit a typical sized page. Other topics within this group include Quick Access Toolbar, Zooming Capabilities, Creating & Modifying Spreadsheets, Entering Data into Cells, Autofill, Format, Insert and Delete, as well as Manipulating Columns and Rows.

Even if students have previously used Excel on some level, or are self-taught users, they will learn a new variety of short cuts and time-saving tricks to enhance spreadsheet use. After studying this group of chapters, students will experience a higher level of increased productivity and understanding of Excel concepts.  Jeff Hutchinson is a computer instructor teaching a variety of classes around the country.

He has a BS degree from BYU in Computer-Aided Engineering and has worked in the Information Technology field supporting and maintaining computers for many years. He also previously owned a computer training and consulting firm in San Francisco, California. After selling his business in 2001, he has continued to work as an independent computer instructor/consultant around the country.

Jeff Hutchinson lives in Utah and also provides training for Utah Valley University Community Education system, offering valuable computer skills for the general knowledge of students, career development, and career advancement. Understanding the technology and the needs of students has been the basis for developing this material. Jeff Hutchinson can be contacted at [email protected] or (801) 376-6687. Excel has become a valuable industry standard.

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