Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 by Platt
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Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 by Platt

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 2 by Charles Platt with Fredrik Jansson Signal Processing LEDs, LCDs, Audio, Thyristors Digital Logic, Amplification | PDF Free Download.

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This is the second of three volumes. Its purpose is to provide an overview of the most commonly used electronic components, for reference by students, engineers, hobbyists, and instructors.

While you can find much of this information dispersed among datasheets, introductory books, websites, and technical resources maintained by manufacturers, the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components gathers all the relevant facts in one place, properly organized and verified, including details that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Each entry includes typical applications, possible substitutions, cross-references to similar devices, sample schematics, and a list of common problems and errors. You can find a more detailed rationale for this encyclopedia in the Preface to Volume 1.

Practical considerations influenced the decision to divide this encyclopedia into three volumes. Each deals with broad subject areas as follows.

Volume 1

Power; electromagnetic devices; discrete semiconductors The power category includes sources of electricity and methods to distribute, store, interrupt, convert, and regulate power.

The electromagnetic devices category includes devices that exert force linearly, and others that create a turning force.

Discrete semiconductors include the primary types of diodes and transistors. A contents listing for Volume 1 appears in Figure P-1.

Volume 2

Thyristors (SCRs, diacs, and triacs); integrated circuits; light sources, indicators, and displays; and sound sources Integrated circuits are divided into analog and digital components. Light sources, indicators, and displays are divided into reflective displays, single sources of light, and displays that emit light.

Sound sources are divided into those that create sound, and those that reproduce sound. A contents listing for Volume 2 appears in Figure P-2.

Volume 3

Sensing devices The field of sensors has become so extensive, they easily merit a volume to themselves. Sensing devices include those that detect light, sound, heat, motion, pressure, gas, humidity, orientation, electricity, proximity, force, and radiation.

At the time of writing, Volume 3 is still in preparation, while Volume 1 is complete and is available in a variety of formats.

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