Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 by Platt
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Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 by Platt

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 by Charles Platt and Fredrik Jansson | PDF Free Download.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Contents

  1. GPS
  2. Magnetometer 
  3. Object presence sensor
  4. Passive infrared sensor
  5. Proximity sensor
  6. Linear position sensor
  7. Rotary position sensor
  8. Tilt sensor
  9. Gyroscope
  10. Accelerometer
  11. Vibration sensor
  12. Force sensor
  13. Single touch sensor
  14. Touch screen
  15. Liquid level sensor
  16. Liquid flow rate sensor
  17. Gas/Liquid pressure sensor
  18. Gas concentration sensor
  19. Gas flow rate sensor
  20. Photoresistor
  21. Photodiode
  22. Phototransistor
  23. NTC thermistor 
  24. PTC thermistor
  25. Thermocouple
  26. RTD (resistance temperature detector) 
  27. Semiconductor temperature sensor
  28. Infrared temperature sensor
  29. Microphone 
  30. Current sensor
  31. Voltage sensor

Preface to Encyclopedia of Electronic Components PDF

This third and final volume of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components is devoted entirely to sensors. Two factors have caused very significant changes in the field of sensors since the 1980s.

First, features such as antilock braking, airbags, and emissions controls stimulated the development of low-priced sensors for automotive applications. Many of these sensors were fabricated in silicon as MEMS (microelectromechanical) devices.

The second wave began in 2007 when MEMS sensors were installed in the iPhone. A modern phone may contain almost a dozen different types of sensors, and their size and price have been driven down to a point that would have been unimaginable 20 years previously.

Many MEMS sensors are now as cheap as basic semiconductor components such as a voltage regulator or a logic chip, and they are easy to use in conjunction with microcontrollers.

In this Encyclopedia, we have allocated significant space to this segment of the market, hoping that the specific products that we have chosen will remain popular and available for at least the next decade.

In addition, we have devoted space to older components where durability has been proven.

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