Electronic Circuits PDF by Wayne Charles
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Electronic Circuits PDF by Wayne Charles

Electronic Circuits The Definitive Guide to Circuit Boards Testing Circuits and Electricity Principles by Wayne Charles | PDF Free Download.

Electronic Circuits Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Common Units Used
  • Chapter 2: Types of Circuits
  • Chapter 3: Combined Circuits and Measurements
  • Chapter 4: Types of Current
  • Chapter 5: Introduction to Circuit boards – The Breadboard
  • Chapter 6: Stripboard
  • Chapter 7: Printed Circuit Board
  • Chapter 8: Testing the Circuits
  • Conclusion

Introduction to Electronic Circuits PDF

Electrical circuits have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and nearly everything we touch these days has some form of an electrical circuit in it. From the watch on your wrist or the smartphone in your hand to some of the toothbrushes that we use to brush our teeth, circuits are virtually impossible to avoid.

However, not very many people know or even understand what a circuit is and how it works. In this book, you shall not only find out what a circuit is and how it works, you will also learn how to test the circuits, and the basic principles of electricity.

People have known about electricity since the time of the Ancient Greeks. In fact, scientists seem to have found proof that the Ancient Romans had invented a primitive battery made from clay pots lined with copper.

The scientists believe that the clay ‘batteries’ must have been used to produce light at Roman sites.

There are those who do not believe that the Ancient Romans could have been that developed, however, sites near Baghdad have shown that even the Persians were using a device similar to the Roman one.

Perhaps the Persians and the Romans traded ideas when they realized how beneficial such a development could be.

However, one thing that most historians will agree on is the fact that the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta was the first man to construct a working circuit that actually carried a steady electrical current.

He achieved this feat in 1800, and ever since then, human beings have been experimenting with circuits, trying to figure out new ways to make them better, smaller, and more reliable.

In this book, you shall be introduced to the world of electricity and electrical circuits, and learn why they are so important. To begin with, though, you should start right at the beginning, with the principles of electricity

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