Hands on Electronics A Practical Introduction to Analog and Digital Circuits
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Hands on Electronics A Practical Introduction to Analog and Digital Circuits

Hands-On Electronics 

Packed full of real circuits to build and test, Hands-On Electronics is a unique introduction to analog and digital electronics theory and practice. Ideal both as a college textbook and for self-study, the friendly style, clear illustrations and construction details included in the book encourage rapid and effective learning of analog and digital circuit design theory. All the major topics for a typical one-semester course are covered, including RC circuits, diodes, transistors, op amps, oscillators, digital logic, counters, D/A converters and more. There are also chapters explaining how to use the equipment needed for the examples (oscilloscope, multimeter and breadboard), together with pinout diagrams for all the key components referred to in the book.

To the Reader 

Some of you may be encountering electronic circuits and instruments for the first time. Others may have ‘played around’ with such stuff if, for example, you were ever bitten by the ‘ham radio’ bug. In either case, this sequence of laboratory experiments has been designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of modern analog and digital electronics.

We use electronic equipment all the time in our work and recreation. Scientists and engineers need to know a bit of electronics, for example to modify or repair some piece of equipment, or to interface two pieces of equipment that may not have been designed for that purpose. To that end, our goal is that by the end of the book, you will be able to design and build any little analog or digital circuit you may find useful, or at least understand it well enough to have an intelligent conversation about the problem with an electrical engineer.

A basic knowledge of electronics will also help you to understand and appreciate the quirks and limitations of instruments you will be using in research, testing, development, or process-control settings. We expect few of you to have much familiarity with such physical theories as electromagnetism or quantum mechanics, so the thrust of this course will be from phenomena and instruments toward theory, not the other way round. If your curiosity is aroused concerning theoretical explanations, so much the better, but unfamiliarity with physical theory should not prevent you from building or using electronic circuits and instruments.


We are grateful to Profs Carlo Segre and Tim Morrison for their contributions and assistance, and especially to the IIT students without whom this book would never have been possible. Finally, we thank our wives and children for their support and patience. It is to them that we dedicate this book.

The book is also suitable for self-study by a person who has access to the necessary equipment and wants a hands-on introduction to the subject. We feel strongly, and experience at IIT has borne out, that to someone who will be working with electronic instrumentation, a hands-on education in the techniques of electronics is much more valuable than a blackboardand-lecture approach. Certainly it is a better learning process than simply reading a book and working through problems.

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