Home Generator Selection, Installation and Repair by Paul Dempsey
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Home Generator Selection, Installation and Repair by Paul Dempsey

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Millions of Americans depend on portable generators to provide power during the blackouts that have become increasingly frequent.

According to the Eaton Corporation, the number of outages affecting 50,000 people or more doubled between 2010 and 2011. A half-million people lose grid power every day in this country.

There are various reasons why the North American grid, once the envy of the world, can no longer keep pace with demand.

Some critics blame poor maintenance, others see privatization 80 percent of the grid is privately owned as the culprit, and still others point to the high level of integration that can escalate local failures into regional catastrophes.

An example of the latter occurred in August 2003. A high-voltage transmission line sagged, touched a wet tree branch, and shorted to ground.

This produced a cascade of exploded transformers and burned-out wiring that shut off power to 50 million people in eight states and parts of southern Canada.

The outage cost several billion dollars and the lives of 11 people. A portable generator one with good build quality, sized for the loads, and properly maintained will keep the lights on. But generating your own electricity is not a simple, plug in and play proposition. This book describes:

How to purchase the right generator for your needs. The first requirement is to make sense of the esoteric engineering terms used in the sales literature.

Next, one must determine how much electricity is needed during a blackout. Do you want to power your whole house? If not, which loads are critical? The more power required, the greater the cost.

Most people specify a gasoline-powered generator, but diesel, propane, and natural gas have advantages for certain applications. The best diesel generators are industrial products that should give decades of reliable service.

The book is written by a DIY mechanic for other DIY mechanics who do not have access to factory tools or training. I have tried to illustrate all critical parts, so that nonprofessionals can recognize what they're dealing with.

In so far as space permits, wiring diagrams are provided. Special tools are described in enough detail to enable readers to fabricate their own. Overall, the emphasis is on safety.

Portable generators present hazards, both when using them and, especially, during repair operations, some of which must be accomplished while the generator is running.

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