Preppers Total Grid Failure Handbook
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Preppers Total Grid Failure Handbook

Prepper's Total Grid Failure Handbook Alternative Power, Energy Storage, Low Voltage Appliances, and Other Lifesaving Strategies for Self-Sufficient Living | PDF Free Download.

Total Grid Failure Handbook Contents

  • Chapter 1: Against the Current
  • Chapter 2: Don’t Be Fuelish
  • Chapter 3: Watt’s Up?
  • Chapter 4: How to Eat an Elephant
  • Chapter 5: Watching Your Waste-Line
  • Chapter 6: Power from the People
  • Chapter 7: A Trip Around the Solar System
  • Chapter 8: A Panel Discussion
  • Chapter 9: Salt and Battery
  • Chapter 10: Care and Feeding
  • Chapter 11: Charge It!
  • Chapter 12: It’s Alive!
  • Chapter 13: Less Is More, More or Less
  • Chapter 14: Putting Your Power to Use
  • Chapter 15: Ups and Downs

Introduction to Preppers Total Grid Failure Handbook

We had big delays in closing on our off-grid mountain property because of an error in the deed’s legal description. Had it not been corrected, we would have wound up with an unknown piece of property miles from the land we were actually trying to buy.

After a few more bumps and delays, the actual closing process was quick and painless. With the deed in hand, we drove into the mountains to the property and did not arrive until it was already dark.

We lit the kerosene lamps we brought with us to fill the room with light, and we were then able to set up a folding table, chair, and air mattress for our first night living off-grid! We wanted to share this event, so we created a quick Internet setup and used battery power for the laptop.

We successfully made our first off-grid post on our blog site, But we knew these power sources would not last.

We needed a renewable, self-reliant, alternative energy solution. So the next morning, we set up a 15-watt solar panel in the cabin’s only south-facing window and connected it to a very simple charge controller and a small battery.

It wasn’t much, but we now had the means to produce power a power that would replenish itself. That’s how it all started for us: with one solar panel.

Over the next four years, we learned a lot about self-sustaining power and built our own off-grid system. This book will explain how we were able to forgo commercial grid power and instead create a self-reliant, renewable alternative in a remote location in the Ozark Mountains. 

An off-grid home is not connected to any public utilities. All the modern conveniences of society that are generally supplied by a municipality are either deemed unnecessary by the homeowner or are otherwise provided without connecting to an outside source.

The term “off-grid” is derived from the fact that you are not connected to the electrical power grid in your community, through an off-grid life can also mean being disconnected from all other public utilities including water, sewage, natural gas, and landline telephone.

Any conduit that brings one of these public services onto your property connects you into the grid; to be fully off-grid, you must break all these connections. In our case, we chose to break virtual grid connections as well as physical ones.

We disconnected with services such as trash collection, package delivery, newspaper delivery, and mail service. Going off-grid is different for everyone, and can be done in baby steps or by going cold turkey, which is what we did.

We chose to make the jump from a fully connected house to a house with no existing grid ties, meaning we had no electricity and no running water.

However, we never planned to live without those modern conveniences. Instead, our goal was to continue our high-tech lifestyle by taking care of all our own needs.

So why did we chose to go through all the hard, time-consuming work of setting up a self-sufficient home in the middle of the woods? We had several reasons. 

  • If the grid eventually goes down due to natural or manmade causes, we will still have all our daily modern conveniences. 
  • We wanted to undertake the adventure of setting up and living a self-reliant lifestyle. 
  • The more ways you move off the grid, the more anonymous your life becomes.

A fully off-grid lifestyle is not for everyone. Many of our friends who are preppers do not want to live off-grid unless they have to. They set up solar electric systems similar to ours while remaining tied in with the public electric company.

In this manner, their alternative energy is ready when it is needed and they can use it in certain areas of the house to become familiar with it before “crunch time.”

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