Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual
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Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual

Electrical Pre Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual Developed by electricians for electricians | PDF Free Download.

About the Authors

Independent Electrical Contractors of Chesapeake (IEC Chesapeake), located in Maryland and servicing the Mid-Atlantic region, and the Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc.

(WECA), located in California, worked in cooperation with Delmar, Cengage Learning to create the Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship & Workforce Development Manual and Trainer Implementation Manual.

IEC Chesapeake is a chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), and WECA is a California-based independent merit shop electrical contractors association.

Having major contributors from each coast allows the text a perspective that truly stretches from sea to shining sea, covering everything in between.

Much more than a regional handbook, the authors have focused on providing content that applies to aspiring electricians in all 50 states.

Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Contents

  1. A Career in the Electrical Trade
  2. Professional Behavior and Study Skills
  3. Safety
  4. Mathematics and the Metric System
  5. Basic Concepts of Electricity and Magnetism 
  6. Electrical Theory
  7. Introduction to the National Electrical Code (NEC)
  8. Grounding
  9. Tools
  10. Wiring Overview
  11. Wiring Devices
  12. Wiring Methods
  13. Wiring Calculations
  14. Wiring Requirements
  15. Green Technology and the Electrical Industry
  16. The Job Search

Preface to Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development

Workforce development for the electrical industry is a powerful mission for educators. Effective workforce development means that electricians are working competently and safely in a career that has the potential to provide them with financial security, and the public with functional, energy-saving, safe electrical systems.

It is in this spirit that Independent Electrical Contractors Chesapeake, (IECC), Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA),

And Cengage Learning joined together to develop a manual and educational guidelines for pre-apprenticeship programs that can make a contribution to workforce development.

Pre-apprenticeship programs are not for everyone. But in many cases, this type of program has the potential to set students up for success by enabling them to make more informed decisions about whether their capabilities and interests are a match with a career as an electrician,

And to set them up for success by providing a solid foundation in core knowledge and skill sets related to a career in the electrical industry.

There is often confusion around what role pre-apprenticeship programs can play in the workforce development arena and about what learning objectives should be accomplished in this course of study.

The goal of this publication is to clear up confusion on the roles that pre-apprenticeship programs can play and to provide guidance for the implementation of an effective program when the need for pre-apprenticeship is evidenced.

Because the book’s subject matter experts, Keith Chitwood and Jim Deal, have over 69 years of combined experience in the field and/or as instructors, it is clear that this book was designed “by electricians for electricians.”

The structure of this book is intended to be user-friendly, and the tone is designed to be down-to-earth with regard to factoring in the real world of working in the electrical industry.

Program administrators, instructors, and students will be the judges of how effectively the goal is accomplished and how well these intentions are communicated.

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