Electrical Machine Design by V. Rajini
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Electrical Machine Design by V. Rajini

Electrical Machine Design by V. Rajini and V. S. Nagarajan | PDF Free Download.

Author of Electrical Machine Design PDF

V. Rajini has been working as a Professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SSN College of Engineering.

She has 22 years of teaching and research experience. She was graduated from Annamalai University in 1992 and subsequently obtained her Ph.D. in High Voltage Engineering from Anna University in 2008. She has published over 90 research publications in referred journals.

She has completed various projects funded by SSN Trust and AICTE and MNRE. She is currently working on the fields of Insulating Materials, High Voltage Applications in Process Technologies, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Power Electronics for HV Applications, Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Energy Systems.

Electrical Machine Design Contents

Basic Design Considerations of Electrical Machines

  • Principles of Design
  • Factors for Consideration
  • Classification of Design Problem
  • Need for Computer-aided Design
  • Specifications and Standards
  • Constraints of Design
  • Dimensions and Rating of Machines
  • Output Equation
  • Materials for Electrical Machines
  •  Heat Dissipation Modes
  • Types of Cooling (Ventilation)
  • Types of Enclosure
  • Quantity of Coolant
  • Types of Duties and Ratings
  • Determination of Temperature Rise and Fall

Preface to Electrical Machine Design eBook

Electric machines have become a part and parcel of our day-to-day lives. They play an inevitable role, right from a small toy to an electric power plant. Hence, the knowledge of their operating characteristics and performance is essential to Electrical Engineering graduates.

Also, it is important for them to learn the design of these machines considering various technical and economical aspects. Hence, this book is intended to serve as a textbook for those who are interested in learning the design of electrical machines.

The target audience also includes academicians, students of B.E./B.Tech. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and Instrumentation and Control Engineering) and industrial ...

Foreword to Electrical Machine Design PDF

It gives me great pleasure to write the foreword to the book entitled, “Electrical Machine Design”. Electrical machines play a vital role in the domestic and industrial fronts. Hence, it is essential that students of electrical engineering have a strong grounding in electrical machines.

Conventional courses in electrical machines are not adequate for the purpose of understanding as they throw light on the construction, principle, characteristics, and testing.

A deeper understanding is possible only when they study the design aspects and their influence on the performance of the machines. It is thus necessary to have a course on electrical machine design, suitable for study by undergraduate students of electrical engineering.

This book is designed to meet the needs of a textbook for a course in electrical machine design. It gives comprehensive design aspects of DC and AC machines with an appropriate introduction to basic design considerations and the magnetic circuits involved.

Introduction to the design and analysis of the machines using the finite element analysis is also included as one chapter, to enable the readers to have a much deeper understanding.

A design process always involves a long iterative process and a designer is required to take decisions in conflicting situations. The design procedure of all the machines is given as simple flowcharts for the reader to understand the iterative nature of the design process.

In addition to the worked examples, most chapters include the number of problems designed to test the grasp of the subject. The readers will also appreciate the pedagogical practices followed in this book.

This book is the outcome of the long experience of the authors in teaching electrical machines and allied courses. The authors have made a commendable effort to present the contents in a clear and lucid form. I hope this book will be well received by students, teachers, and practicing engineers.

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