AutoCAD Electrical 2016 7th Edition by Tickoo
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AutoCAD Electrical 2016 7th Edition by Tickoo

AutoCAD Electrical 2016 for Electrical Control Designers 7th Edition by Sham Tickoo | PDF Free Download.

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Sham Tickoo Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology Purdue University Calumet Hammond, Indiana USA

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Preface to AutoCAD Electrical 2016 PDF

AutoCAD Electrical 2016

AutoCAD Electrical, a product of Autodesk, Inc, is one of the world’s leading application designed specifically to create and modify electrical control systems.

This software incorporates the functionality of AutoCAD along with a complete set of electrical CAD features.

In addition, its comprehensive symbol libraries and tools help you automate electrical engineering tasks and save your time and effort considerably, thereby providing you more time for innovation.

Prior to the introduction of this software, the electrical control designers had to rely on generic software applications requiring manual layout of electrical schematics that were often prone to design errors and users could not share design information using these applications.

However, with the introduction of AutoCAD Electrical, the chances of error have reduced considerably, thereby enabling you to design 2D industrial controls faster and accurately.

Moreover, AutoCAD Electrical 2016 is used to automate various control engineering tasks such as building circuits, numbering wires, creating a bill of materials, and many more.

The AutoCAD Electrical 2016 for Electrical Control Designers textbook has been written to assist the engineering students and the practicing designers who are new to AutoCAD Electrical.

Using this textbook, the readers can learn the application of basic tools required for creating professional electrical-control drawings with the help of AutoCAD Electrical.

Keeping in view the varied requirements of the users, this textbook covers a wide range of tools and features such as schematic drawings, Circuit Builder, panel drawings, parametric and nonparametric PLC modules, stand-alone PLC I/O points, ladder diagrams, point-to-point wiring diagrams, report generation, creation of symbols, and so on.

This will help the readers to create electrical drawings easily and effectively.

The salient features of this textbook are as follows:

  • Tutorial Approach The author has adopted the tutorial point-of-view and the learn-by-doing theme in this textbook. This approach guides the users through the process of creating and managing electrical control drawings. Also, one chapter entirely based on tutorials has been added to enablethe users to apply theskills learned in the text. In addition, there are about 26 exercises added in the textbook for the users to practice.Note that all tutorials and exercises in this textbook are based on the NFPA(US) standard.
  • Tips and Notes Additional information related to various topics is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes.
  • Learning Objectives The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics covered in that chapter.
  • Self-Evaluation Test, Review Questions, and Exercises Every chapter end with a Self-Evaluation Test so that the users can assess their knowledge of each chapter. The answers to the Self-Evaluation Test are given at the end of the chapter. Also, the Review Questions and Exercises are given at the end of each chapter and they can be used by the Instructors as test questions and exercises.
  • Heavily I will lustrated Text The text in this book is heavily illustrated with the help of around 900 line diagrams and screen captures.

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