STANELY Easy Home Wiring Repairs A Home Owners Guide
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STANELY Easy Home Wiring Repairs A Home Owners Guide

STANELY Easy Home Wiring Repairs A Home Owners Guide | PDF Free Download.

About STANELY Easy Home Wiring Repairs eBook

Many household electrical projects are simple and may be done safely as long as you follow some basic rules. Replacing a switch, an outlet, or a light-weight fixture are all straightforward repairs which will improve the function or appearance of your home.

There are situations, however, when you should seek the assistance of a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. Safety, of course, is paramount.

If you aren’t sure that the facility  is off to a circuit; if you don’t understand what you see in an electrical box or don’t know what to try to to next; or if the wiring is old (cloth and rubber insulated, for instance), nongrounded, or aluminum, call during a pro.

The cable utilized in most houses since the first 1970s is nonmetallic sheathed cable with a grounding wire (commonly referred to as NM or Romex®, which is one brand). That’s the main target of this booklet.

The other types of wiring—knob-and-tube, armored cable (BX), or wire in conduit— can be complex to figure on and can not be covered here.

There are two ways to check for voltage after shutting off the power: using a noncontact voltage tester (a “volt-tick”) or a voltage-continuity tester.

Each tester has strengths and limitations, but i like to recommend using both for better safety as there are certain situations where one tester or the opposite  will give false-negative results.

Using both testers only takes a moment and could save your life. You won’t need tons of pricy tools to try to to simple trade , but there are a couple of special electrician’s tools that you simply got to do quality work.

These tools include the 2 testers shown on p. 3, side-cut or lineman’s pliers (used to twist wires to form connections), and wire strippers to get rid of the plastic insulation from wires without damaging them.

A crimper properly crimps connecting sleeves of sentimental copper for ground-wire connections. Some lineman’s pliers even have crimpers inbuilt .