Power Line Communications Principles, Standards and Applications 2nd Edition
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Power Line Communications Principles, Standards and Applications 2nd Edition


This book is the second edition of Power Line Communications: Theory and Applications for Narrowband and Broadband Communications over Power Lines published in 2010. As for the first edition, it has been our intention to present the most comprehensive coverage of the technical field of power line communications (PLC) that is available in a single publication.

The scope of this book is uniquely wide, not only for a book on PLC. Compared to the first edition, the content has been updated and in part restructured. In particular, we have significantly expanded the part dedicated to applications of PLC, which is attributed to the further maturity of PLC technology in terms of consolidated specifications and standards and also reflected in the modification of the subtitle for this edition. Furthermore, recent innovations and changes related to channel characterization, transmission techniques and regulation are included in this edition.

The target audience for the book comprises both newcomers to the exciting field of PLC as well as researchers and practitioners already familiar with PLC. For the former, the book is intended to provide a fairly comprehensive yet readable introduction. For the latter, we expect the book to serve as an authoritative point of reference for information widely dispersed in the literature. During the writing of this second edition, we involved 42 technical contributors from 29 institutions and 12 countries. Coordination was a huge task, almost more so than for the first edition. The editors would like to express their sincere thanks to all the contributors.

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