Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering Second edition by C. R. Bayliss
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Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering Second edition by C. R. Bayliss


This book covers the major topics likely to be encountered by the transmission and distribution power systems engineer engaged upon international project works. Each chapter is self-contained and gives a useful practical introduction to each topic covered. The book is intended for graduate or technician level engineers and bridges the gap between learned university theoretical textbooks and detailed single topic references. It therefore provides a practical grounding in a wide range of transmission and distribution subjects. The aim of the book is to assist the project engineer in correctly specifying equipment and systems for his particular application.

In this way manufacturers and contractors should receive clear and unambiguous transmission and distribution equipment or project enquiries for work and enable competitive and comparative tenders to be received. Of particular interest are the chapters on project, system and software management since these subjects are of increasing importance to power systems engineers.

In particular the book should help the reader to understand the reasoning behind the different specifications and methods used by different electrical supply utilities and organizations throughout the world to achieve their specific transmission and distribution power system requirements. The second edition includes updates and corrections, together with the addition of two extra major chapters covering distribution planning and power system harmonics.

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