The Basics of Electricity and Vehicle Lighting
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The Basics of Electricity and Vehicle Lighting

How To Use This Book:

This self-study guide is divided into six sections that cover topics from basic theory of electricity to choosing the right equipment. It presents the information in text form supported by illustrations, diagrams charts and other graphics that highlight and explain key points. Each section also includes a short quiz to give the you a measure of your comprehension. At the end of the guide is a final test that is designed to measure the learner’s overall comprehension of the material.

To get the most value from this study guide, carefully read the text and study the illustrations in each section. In some cases, you may want to underline or highlight key information for easier review and study later. This guide is designed to be effective for a variety of learning styles and speeds. Material can be read and studied a section at a time, a few pages at one time or even completed in one study session. Once a section is completely read, use the quiz to determine your level of success in understanding the material.

If you choose the wrong answer to a question, be certain to turn back to the relevant material in the section and re-read and re-study the information. To use the quiz effectively, use a sheet of paper positioned so that it covers all of the quiz material except for the first question. Choose your answer. Then move the sheet down to expose the first line of the second question. The answer to the first question is shown at the far right. Compare your answer to the answer key. Choose an answer to the second question.

Slide the cover sheet down to expose the first line of the third question and compare your answer to the answer key. In the same manner, answer the balance of the quiz questions. The final exam at the end of this guide presents a second test of your knowledge of the material. Be certain to use the quizzes and final exam. In the case of the final exam, fold the answer sheet as directed, and mail to the address indicated for scoring.

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