Reactive Power Compensation A Practical Guide by Wolfgang Hofmann
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Reactive Power Compensation A Practical Guide by Wolfgang Hofmann

Foreword and Acknowledgements

The book gives a general overview and also specific deep knowledge about the segment “compensation of reactive power”. Network quality, power losses, energy saving and reduction of CO2 are discussed within 22 chapters forming a technical “dictionary”. It is written to be accessible for all specialists; including engineers, electricians and students.

The purpose of this book is to extend the knowledge in this specified field. This “technical guide” answers a lot of questions arising in controlling reactive power e.g. at parallel operation with generators. This book is based on a book in German published by the VDE Verlag GmbH (Berlin and Offenbach) in the year 2003. Some chapters were revised and adapted or entirely rewritten to conform to new technological developments and changing standards. The chapters have been primarily revised by:

Jurgen Schlabbach – Chapters 1 incl. 4; 18 and 22

Wolfgang Hofmann – Chapters 5 incl. 16 and 21 

Wolfgang Just – Chapters 17, 19 and 20

The authors would like to thank all the companies that have contributed pictures and information for the update of this book.We would like to express a special word of thanks to Mr. M. Kreienberg of VDE publishers who supported the idea for this book in English. His assistance in the creation of the drawings was very helpful. Special thanks are also due to the staff of John Wiley & Sons for their help and cooperation during the preparation of this book.

We would also like to remember the late Miss Nicky Skinner, who looked after our book project at the very beginning. Our thanks are also extended to our families for their patience during the uncounted hours of writing the book. Our sincere thanks are directed to the following companies who supplied us with documentations, photos, (circuit-) diagrams and technical support for the total of 22 chapters of our book.

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