Power Generation Operation and Control Third Edition by Allen J. Wood and Bruce F. Wollenberg and Gerald B. Sheble
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Power Generation Operation and Control Third Edition by Allen J. Wood and Bruce F. Wollenberg and Gerald B. Sheble

It has now been 17 years from the second edition (and a total of 28 years from the publishing of the first edition of this text). To say that much has changed is an understatement. As noted in the dedication, Allen Wood passed away during the preparation of this edition and a new coauthor, Gerald Sheblé, has joined Bruce Wollenberg in writing the text. Dr. Sheblé brings an expertise that is both similar and different from that of Dr. Wollenberg to this effort, and the text clearly shows a new breadth in topics covered.

The second edition was published in 1996, which was in the midst of the period of “deregulation” or more accurately “reregulation” of the electric industry both in the United States and worldwide. New concepts such as electric power spot markets, Independent System Operators (ISOs) in the United States, and independent generation, transmission, and distribution companies are now common. Power system control centers have become much larger and cover a much larger geographic area as markets have expanded.

The U.S. government has partnered with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (formerly the North American Electric Reliability Council) and has begun a much tighter governance of electric company practices as they affect the system’s reliability and security since the events of 9/11. We have added several new chapters to the text to both reflect the increased importance of the topics covered and broaden the educational and engineering value of the book.

Both Sheblé and Wollenberg are professors at major universities and  have developed new examples, problems, and software for the text. Both Wollenberg and Sheblé are consultants and expert witnesses to the electric energy industry. We hope this effort is of value to the readers. Today, students and working engineers have access to much more information directly through the Internet, and if they are IEEE members can access the very extensive IEEE Explore holdings directly from their home or office computers.

Thus, we felt it best not to attempt to provide lists of references as was done in earlier editions. We would like to extend our thanks to those students who provided excellent programming and development skills to difficult problems as they performed research  tasks under our direction.

Among them are Mohammad Alsaffar and Anthony Giacomoni at the University of Minnesota; George Fahd, Dan Richards, Thomas Smed, and David Walters at Auburn University; and Darwin Anwar, Somgiat Dekrajangpetch, Kah-Hoe Ng, Jayant Kumar, James Nicolaisen, Chuck Richter, Douglas Welch, Hao Wu, and Weiguo Yang at Iowa State University; Chin-Chuen Teoh, Mei P. Cheong, and Gregory Bingham at Portland state University; Zhenyu Wan at University of South Wales. Last of all, we announce that we are planning to write a sequel to the third edition in which many of the business aspects of the electric power industry will be presented, along with major chapters on topics such as extended auction mechanisms and reliability.

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