MATLAB for Engineers by Karel Perutka
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MATLAB for Engineers by Karel Perutka

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MATLAB for Engineers, Applications in Control, Electrical Engineering, IT and Robotics by Karel Perutka PDF Book.

Main Contents of MATLAB for Engineers PDF

Part 1. Theory

  • Implementation of a New Quasi-Optimal Controller Tuning Algorithm for Time-Delay Systems.
  • Control of Distributed Parameter Systems - Engineering Methods and Software Support in the MATLAB & Simulink Programming Environment.
  • Numerical Inverse Laplace Transforms for Electrical Engineering Simulation.
  • Linear Variable Differential Transformer Design and Verification Using MATLAB and Finite Element Analysis.

Part 2. Hardware and Photonics Applications

  • Computational Models Designed in MATLAB to Improve Parameters and Cost of Modern Chips.
  • Results Processing in MATLAB for Photonics Applications.

Part 3. Power Systems Applications

  • MATLAB Co-Simulation Tools for Power Supply Systems Design.
  • High Accuracy Modelling of Hybrid Power Supplies.
  • Calculating Radiation from Power Lines for Power Line Communications.
  • Automatic Modelling Approach for Power Electronics Converters: Code Generation (C S Function, Modelica, VHDL-AMS) and MATLAB/Simulink Simulation.
  • PV Curves for Steady-State Security Assessment with MATLAB.
  • Application of Modern Optimal Control in Power System: Damping Detrimental Sub-Synchronous Oscillations.
  • A New Approach of Control System Design for LLC Resonant Converter.

Part 4. Motor Applications

  • Wavelet Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor.
  • Implementation of Induction Motor Drive Control Schemes in MATLAB/Simulink/dSPACE Environment for Educational Purpose.
  • Linearization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using MATLAB and Simulink.

Part 5. Vehicle Applications

  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Simulation in MATLAB by Using Genetic Algorithm.
  • Robust Control of Active Vehicle Suspension Systems Using Sliding Modes and Differential Flatness with MATLAB.
  • Thermal Behavior of IGBT Module for EV (Electric Vehicle).

Part 6. Robot Applications

  • Design and Simulation of Legged Walking Robots in MATLAB® Environment.
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Power Assist Robot for Manipulating Objects Based on Operator’s Weight Perception.

Preface to MATLAB for Engineers PDF

MATLAB is a powerful software package developed by the MathWorks, Inc., the multi-national corporation with the company’s headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, United States of America.

The software is a member of the family of the mathematical computing software together with Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad etc. and it became the standard for simulations in academia and practice.

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It offers easy-to-understand programming language, sharing source code and toolboxes which solve the selected area from practice.

The software is ideal for light scientific computing, data processing and math work. Its strength lies in toolboxes for Control and Electrical Engineering.

This book presents interesting topics from the area of control theory, robotics, power systems, motors and vehicles, for which the MATLAB software was used. The book consists of six parts.

First part of the book deals with control theory. It provides information about numerical inverse Laplace transform, control of time-delay systems and distributed parameters systems.

There are two chapters only in the second part of the book. One is about the application of MATLAB for modern chips improvement, and the other one describes results of MATLAB usage for photonics applications. 

Next part of the book consists of chapters which have something in common with the power systems applications, for example two chapters are about power supply systems and one is about application of optimal control in power systems.

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This part is followed by the part about MATLAB applications used in fault diagnosis of induction motor, implementation of induction motor drive control and linearization of permanent magnet synchronous motors.

The last but one part of the book provides the application for vehicles, namely the guided vehicle simulation, new configuration of machine, behavior of module for electric vehicle and control of vehicle suspension system.

The last part deals with MATLAB usage in robotics, with the modeling, simulation and control of power assist robot and legged walking robot.

This book provides practical examples of MATLAB usage from different areas of engineering and will be useful for students of Control Engineering or Electrical Engineering to find the necessary enlargement of their theoretical knowledge and several models on which theory can be verified.

It helps with the future orientation to solve the practical problems. Finally, I would like to thank everybody who has contributed to this book.

The results of your work are very interesting and inspiring, I am sure the book will find a lot of readers who will find the results very useful.

Download MATLAB for Engineers, Applications in Control, Electrical Engineering, IT and Robotics by Karel Perutka easily in PDF format for free.