Laboratory Manual for Pulse Width Modulated DC DC Power Converters by M. K. Kazimierczuk and A. Ayachit
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Laboratory Manual for Pulse Width Modulated DC DC Power Converters by M. K. Kazimierczuk and A. Ayachit


The Laboratory Manual for Pulse-Width Modulated DC–DC Power Converters is intended to aid undergraduate and graduate students of electrical engineering, practicing engineers, scientists, and circuit designers to have a grasp on designing and simulating a variety of fundamental and advanced power electronic circuits. The manual enables users to get accustomed to different simulation tools such as MATLAB®, Synopsys SABER®, LTSpice®, PLECS®, or any other Spice-based circuit simulation platforms.

The approach presented in this manual will enhance a student’s understanding of different power electronic converters and also gain knowledge in great depth on performing circuit simulations; a characteristic needed for a career in electrical engineering. This manual is a supplementary material to the successful edition of the textbook Pulsewidth Modulated DC–DC Power Converters, Second Edition, authored by Prof. Marian K. Kazimierczuk. The lab manual complements the content of the textbook and the combination of the two is a one-stop arrangement for students and instructors to gain the most about power electronic circuits and their simulation.

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This book features the following attributes:

- Unique in the market of textbooks for power electronics. 

- Can be adopted as a supplementary material for any commercially available textbooks on power electronics as well as classnotes. 

- Can be used for distance-learning power electronic course or e-learning. iv. The software-oriented approach makes it convenient for students to have take-home assignments. 

- Simple and easy-to-understand procedure set. 

- Provides a quick overview of various power converters and components.

The purpose of the Laboratory Manual for Pulse-Width Modulated DC–DC Power Converters is to provide a comprehensive instruction set for the following: 

a. To design and simulate various topologies of power electronic dc–dc converters such as boost and boost-derived, buck and buck-derived, flyback, forward, half-bridge, and fullbridge converter topologies, operating in continuous-conduction mode or discontinuousconduction mode. 

b. To simulate the small-signal models of the power electronic circuits and to understand the different small-signal characteristics of boost and buck converters operating in continuousconduction mode.

c. To understand the properties of silicon, silicon-carbide, and gallium-nitride power MOSFETs used in power electronic applications.

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The topics presented in this lab manual have been thoughtfully considered, keeping in mind the benefits it offers to the students. The primary author of this lab manual has been teaching specialized graduate-level courses in power electronics for more than 25 years. Since then, consistent effort has been put into creating equally interesting and accurate lab curricula for the students. The outcome of that dedication has been this lab manual. The experiments in this manual have been tested and updated regularly for technical correctness and clarity in the presentation style.

The authors of this book recommend the below instructions for instructors and students in making the best use of this manual. The lab manual assumes that the student is familiar with general circuit analysis techniques, electronic circuits, and the basic know-how of simulation tools. Every lab topic includes a pre-lab section. Students are encouraged to understand the circuit operation, calculate the component values, and also understand the design process of the converter under consideration. It is expected that the students follow every step in the procedure section for successful completion of the lab topic. The quick design section provides data about the component values and component selection that students can use for rapid verification

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