Electricians Exam Study Guide by B. Coffin and K. Keller
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Electricians Exam Study Guide by B. Coffin and K. Keller


This book has been written for experienced electricians who plan to take a state required exam in order to obtain a Journeyman or Master electrician’s license. We are going on the assumption that you are entering this phase of your career with a basic understanding of the electrical trade and electrical theory. One thing you need to know before you take your licensing exam is that your hands-on experience in the field will not be enough to get you a passing grade.

Many of the questions on licensing exams are based on the National Electrical Code®, so you will need to have a current NEC® book to study and use for reference. Some states will allow you to refer to your code book during the test, while others give “no book” or “closed book” exams. Test centers which allow open book exams will only permit you to bring your NEC® code book, even though a percentage of the test questions will be on electrical theory, controls and other principals used in the safe installation of electrical work.

All of the tests are timed and require a testing fee. We know your time and money are valuable, so our goal is to provide you with the study tools, references, and examples you will need to thoroughly prepare yourself to pass your licensing exam. There are over 1,500 sample test questions presented in this book in a manner which closely resembles the types of questions you may find on the licensing exam. There are True/False and multiple-choice questions, just like on the real test.

In order to increase your understanding of the questions, there are answer sheets which include cross-references to the precise article and section of the NEC® from which the question is taken. The text material at the beginning of each chapter also explains applicable articles and requirements in a manner which makes even the most complicated code standards easier to understand. There are numerous Test Tips throughout the book which explain how to arrive at the correct answers.

Additionally, there are Code Updates in each chapter which clarify changes in the 2005 NEC®, so that you can be certain that the material you are studying is current and accurate. The NEC® covers specialized installation requirements, many of which you may not have performed as an electrician, such as working in hazardous locations, or wiring for hospitals or low-voltage communications systems. Lack of trade experience can be compensated for by studying the NEC® and by taking mock exams.

That’s why there are practice exams at the end of the book, so that you can get a feel for the type of material you might expect to find when you take your actual licensing exam. The purpose of this book is to help you develop your ability to understand how licensing exam questions may be written, which standards apply, and how to arrive at the most correct answers in order to receive a passing grade.

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