Electricians Exam Preparation Guide Eighth Edition by John E. Traister and Dale C. Brickner
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Electricians Exam Preparation Guide Eighth Edition by John E. Traister and Dale C. Brickner

How to Use This Book:

If you have been installing electrical systems for some time as an apprentice, helper, or unlicensed electrician, this book is for you. The information between the covers of this book will cover every subject that is likely to appear on most electrician’s exams — either state or local. If you are just starting your career as an apprentice electrician, this book is also for you. It begins at the beginning.

You will have no trouble understanding what is explained here. Read each page carefully and you will soon earn the recognition that licensed professionals are entitled to in our present society. The financial rewards are another factor which will make your efforts worthwhile. In most communities, any electrician working without supervision must be licensed.

For larger electrical construction projects, many states now require the certification of journeyman electricians as well as specialty electricians, such as splicers of high-voltage cable. This trend is certain to continue as legislatures recognize the need to protect the public from incompetents. The state of Virginia, for example, is now requiring all persons doing electrical work to be licensed. Most licensing authorities prepare demanding exams that are a good test of the examinee’s knowledge.

These exams help to guarantee that electrical systems installed in building construction will meet minimum standards for protecting the lives and health of building occupants (and the buildings themselves) for many years to come. This also helps to keep insurance rates to a minimum.

Begin your study for any electrician’s exam with two points in mind: 

• Take the exam seriously. 

• Every minute spent studying this book increases your chances of passing the exam.

You can pass any electrician’s exam, but only if you study carefully each of the questions in this book. What you learn from studying is the foundation on which your professional career will be built. Understand also that the licensing authority isn’t the enemy. They aren’t trying to keep you out of the electrical business. They only want to set some basic standards and be assured that your installations will be done in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the latest edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®).

The public should be assured that all licensed electricians are knowledgeable professionals. That’s good for society in general, and it’s good for all professional electricians and electrical contractors who live and work in your area. Unfortunately, there are too many applicants who are not well prepared when they sit down to take the electrician’s exam. Taking an electrician’s exam without doing a good job of preparation is a complete waste of time — both yours and that of the licensing authority.

The results are predictable. Don’t make that mistake. The most common reason for failure is that the applicant didn’t study properly because he didn’t know how, or studied the wrong material. This book should put an end to that excuse.

You have in your hands the most complete, easiest-to-use, most practical reference available for preparing to take the tests that are actually given today. Read this book carefully, examine every question, understand all the answers.

Do this, and there’s no way you will be unprepared on examination day. You are almost certain to score high. All the common questions and answers are here, but just knowing the answer is not always enough. Sometimes it is just as important to understand why a particular answer is correct. That’s why many answers include a quotation or reference.

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