Electrical Power Cable Engineering Third Edition by William Thue
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Electrical Power Cable Engineering Third Edition by William Thue


Preface The authors would like to acknowledge the almost 40 years of dedicated work by Professor Willis F. Long of the Department of Engineering Professional Development at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, which has made this book possible. It was because of his efforts that the first course of a series, Power Cable Engineering Clinic, was presented in the early 1970s, where Dr. Eugene Greenfield gave all his lectures for 8 hours a day during the 5 days of the course. He later added a few lecturers to share the work load. The course was reorganized in 1999 and called “How to Design, Install, Operate, and Maintain Reliable Power Cable Systems.” It was also divided into two sessions: “Understanding Power Cable Characteristics and Applications” and “Assessing and Extending the Life of Shielded Power Cable Systems.”

The present course is known as “Understanding Power Cable Characteristics and Applications.” Over the years, numerous lecturers have produced copious class notes that form the basis for much of the materials, which has been rearranged into a book format. The contributors hope that their team effort will be a useful addition to the library of all dedicated cable engineers.

The dynamics of the cable industry produces many new materials, products, and concepts, which are incorporated into new editions. New chapters have been prepared (Low Voltage Cables and Thermal Resistivity of Soils) while others have been updated and expanded (Conductors now includes metric designations and Acronyms have been added to the Glossary) for this Third Edition. Emphasis of this book remains on low and medium voltages since they comprise the majority of cables in service throughout the world. Transmission cables have the greater sophistication from an engineering standpoint, but all the basic principles that apply to transmission cables also apply to the lower voltage cables. The audience that will benefit from the highly knowledgeable writings and diversity of the backgrounds of the contributors to this book include: 

• Cable engineers and technicians employed by investor-owned utilities, rural electric cooperatives, industrial users, and power production personnel 

• Universities that offer electrical power courses 

• Cable manufacturers who would like to provide their employees with an oversight and understanding of power cables 

• Professionals seeking information to provide an understanding of the terminology, engineering characteristics, and background information of power cables to assist in making sound decisions for specification, purchase, installation, maintenance, and operation of electrical power cables

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