Electrical Installation Work 2nd Edition by Trevor Linsley
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Electrical Installation Work 2nd Edition by Trevor Linsley

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Tutor Support Material - Electrical Installation Work - 2330 Certificate in Electrotechnical Technology (Levels 2 & 3) - Second Edition by Trevor Linsley.

First edition 2006

Second edition 2008

The right of Trevor Linsley to be identifi ed as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988. 

The purchasing institution can photocopy the tutor support material, or print it out from the CD-ROM, for use in presentations, handouts, and other teaching material by way of teaching preparation and lecture delivery.

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Main Contents of Electrical Installation Work eBook

  • Core Unit 1 (Level 2) Working Effectively and Safely in an Electrotechnical Environment (Stage 1) 
  • Core Unit 2 (Level 2) Principles of Electrotechnology (Stage 1) 
  • Core Unit 3 (Level 2) Applications of Health and Safety and Electrical Principles (Stage 2)
  • Occupational Unit 4 (Level 2) Electrical Installation (Buildings and Structures) 
  • Unit 1 (Level 3) Applications of Health and Safety and Electrical Principles (Stage 3)
  • Unit 2 (Level 3) Installation (Buildings and Structures) Inspection, Testing and Commissioning
  • Unit 3 (Level 3) Installation (Buildings and Structures) Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

Preface to Electrical Installation Work PDF Book

This Tutor Support Material (TSM) aims to provide worksheets and activities, with answers as an additional resource in support of the individual lecturer’s delivery of the City & Guilds 2330 Syllabus in Electrotechnical Technology at both Level 2 and Level 3.

It has been designed to supplement and support the existing material used by lecturers to deliver the underpinning knowledge objectives of the curriculum. Handouts provide basic information in bullet point format.

Worksheets provide opportunities for student activity, feedback of student understanding and reinforcement of knowledge gained.

The TSM presentation follows closely the style and format of the City & Guilds Syllabus. Each Unit concludes with Multiple Choice questions in preparation for the City & Guilds on-line assessment.

The complete TSM is provided as PDF files on the enclosed CD-ROM, available for printing within the purchasing institution (most of the images are provided in colour).

The CD-ROM also includes all the figures from the related student textbooks Basic Electrical Installation Work 5th Edition (ISBN 9780750687515) and Advanced Electrical Installation Work 5th Edition (ISBN 9780750687522). These files can be incorporated into your own PowerPoint presentations for lecture delivery

Trevor Linsley

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