Electrical Engineering Questions with Answers 2017
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Electrical Engineering Questions with Answers 2017

Some questions and answers

- A generating station has a maximum demand of 30 MW, a load factor of 60% and a plant capacity factor of 50%. The reserve capacity of the plant is (6 MW).

- A 100 km long transmission line is loaded at 110 kV. If the loss of the line is 15 MW and the load is 150 MVA, the resistance of the line is (8.06 ohms per phase).

- When the load on a transmission line is equal to the surge impedance loading (The receiving end voltage equal to the sending end voltage).

- The inductance of single phase two wire power transmission line per km gets doubled when the (Distance between the wires is increased as square of the original distance).

- The dielectric strength of impregnated papers is about (30 kV/mm).

- HVDC transmission is preferred to EHV AC because (System stability can be improved).

- Zero-sequence current is used for relaying (Ground impedance relay).

- A 10 kVA, 400 V/200 V single phase transformer with 10% impedance draws a steady short-circuit line current of (250A).

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