Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations by Robert J. Alonzo
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Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations by Robert J. Alonzo

PREFACE of Electrical Codes, Standards, Recommended Practices and Regulations:

It is intention of this text to provide the reader assistance in developing a basic understanding of the complex issue of codes, standards, recommended practices, and regulations for electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution in residential, commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

General information is provided on the Canadian and American Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) responsible for the development of codes, standards and recommended practices. Basic outlines are also provided for standards development procedures;

code enforcement areas; general code categories; and exposure of some titles for electrical engineering standards for power generation, transmission, and distribution in North America and internationally.

Regional SDOs in Europe, Central and South America, and the Pacific Rim area were not examined in detail. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) SDOs are examined in some detail. Information on the SDOs discussed was developed in part from the Internet websites for those organizations.

Should additional information on those organizations be desired, the reader is referred to the SDO websites listed for those organizations in Chapter 1. The listed websites may also be used to research and purchase specific SDO standards documents.

Electrical generation, transmission, and distribution codes, standards, and recommended practices encompasses a large area of information. Some general codes, standards, and recommended practices information was utilized in some discussions; however, the reader should refer to those documents in total when attempting to develop information.

SDO websites can be used to provide standards outline information, indexes, and normative references. That information can be extremely helpful in conducting general research in the selection and use of equipment and installation standards.

Codes, standards, and recommended practices are documents that are continually being created, revised, reaffirmed, or withdrawn. It is incumbent upon the reader to verify the latest code, standard, or recommended practice document number, title, validity, and effective issuance date from the appropriate Standards Development Organization sources.

The standards titles presented in this book include many of the most commonly used documents involving the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical energy in 2009. The standards titles were developed using Internet search engines, references in documents, and other means.

The titles presented in this book do not represent all of the codes, standards, or recommended practice titles presently available on a specific topic, nor do they necessarily represent the latest effective title information.

The standards titles presented here should not be used as a sole source for standards document information and are presented only for general information, as well as the general education and use of the reader.

Any discussion of specific information on standards presented in this book should not be construed as an official explanation of that document. The reader should always review the latest edition of any standard document in its entirety.

The standards development procedures presented here should only be considered as general outlines of those SDO procedures as of the information available in August, 2009 and should only be used for general information purposes. SDOs have written procedures governing the submittal of new standard proposals and the revisions to or the withdrawal to existing standards.

Copies of those procedures should be available from the SDOs or their websites. SDO websites were used in obtaining some information in this book. The websites listed as references were operational as of November, 2009. Neither the author nor the publisher can be responsible for changes to available information on those websites.

The impetus behind the preparation of this book was to assist individuals assigned with the task of developing electrical power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment and materials specifications. An important segment of that work normally would include listing of Referenced Standards.

Specifications are sometimes prepared using the term All Applicable Codes and Standards in its Referenced Standards section. That statement could be interpreted by individuals differently, according to their experience and education.

Listing of specific applicable equipment or materials standards titles in the preparation of codes, standards, and recommended practices will provide a better definition of equipment or materials specified. Information contained in this work has been obtained by the author from sources believed to be reliable.

However, neither the publisher nor the author guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein. The author and publisher shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions in this publication. They will not be responsible for any damages arising out of the use of the information contained herein for any purpose.

The author and publisher are supplying general information only in this work, and are not rendering any engineering or professional services or opinions. Any standards interpretations questions should be referred to the Standards Development Organization responsible for that standard.

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