Planning of Electric Power Distribution Technical Principles
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Planning of Electric Power Distribution Technical Principles


The planning of electric power distribution in buildings and infrastructure facilities is subject to constant transformation. The search for an assignment-compliant, dependable solution should fulfil those usual requirements placed on cost optimisation, efficiency, and time needs. At the same time, technical development innovations and findings from the practical world are constantly seeping into the planning process. Our books on electric power distribution are intended to support you in your work as a designer and to provide you with a continuously updated and dependable instrument. Various volumes under the “application manual” term have been compiled over time. To introduce a form of structuring into the process, we will in future distinguish between planning and application manuals. The specific requirements of infrastructure facilities of individual industries and building types on electric power distribution is worked on in the application manuals. Perhaps you have already made acquaintances with the two editions on high-rise buildings and data centres. This is the series we intend to continue with at intervals.

We would be glad to take up any suggestions you may have here. The planning manuals concern themselves more with those subjects generally used in planning electric power distribution. They are oriented to that fundamental know-how which is at the basis of all planning work. To this end, we are launching a new series which, initially, will consist of two volumes. This newly designed first volume, “Planning of Electric Power Distribution – Technical Principles”, looks, in particular, at the general requirements and characteristics which are of interest in planning electric power distribution. The follow-up, “Planning of Electric Power Distribution – Products and Systems”, is being prepared. It will feature those technical details and descriptions of specific products and systems so as to fulfil the requirements specified in this volume. To be in a position in future to handle appropriate, up-to-the-minute subjects, we would be particularly thankful to you – as our technically interested readers – for any information here. Please send us an e-mail to: [email protected] with reference to: TIP Planning Manuals

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