Cables Facts and Figures
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Cables Facts and Figures


This booklet has been revised several times to meet the demands of an everchanging market, as well as specification changes as the result of improving technology. It is not a treatise on electrical technology, but it is published to give supplementary information to engineers, technicians and electricians involved in cable selection and installation. Aberdare hopes that users find it useful and invites any constructive (or corrective) criticism.


How to Select a Cable

Useful Electrical Formulae

Transport, Handling and Installation of Electric Cables

Paper Insulated and Lead Covered 6.35/11kV Cables

Medium Voltage XLPE Insulated, PVC Bedded, SWA, PVC sheathed 6.35/11kV Cables

Low Voltage PVC and XLPE insulated 600/1000V Power Cables

Elastomeric Trailing Cables 

Overhead Aluminium Conductors 

Innovative products

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