Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Second Edition by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant
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Build Your Own Electric Vehicle Second Edition by Seth Leitman and Bob Brant


The electric vehicle (EV) movement has broadened to multiple levels of the public debate. Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio have recently made movies about the need to assist the environment and how oil and energy have created the global warming problems that our world currently faces. Al Gore just won a Nobel Peace Prize for his discussion and call to action about global warming/climate change. The price of oil has recently fluctuated around $140 per barrel and $4.50 per gallon.

Well, EVs solve a lot of problems quickly. Electric vehicles bypass high energy prices. Electric cars cost pennies to charge. Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions. While they charge up on electricity from power plants, they can also charge on electricity from solar, wind, and any other renewable resource. Also, if you compare emissions from power plants for every car on the road versus gasoline emissions, electric cars are always always cleaner. In addition, as power plants get cleaner and our power plants reduce emissions, electric cars will only get cleaner. Electric cars also help develop the economy.

We all know that we need to increase the number of electric cars. Hybrid electrics, plug-in hybrids, and low-speed vehicles all expand electric transportation. We as a country—no, we as world—are increasing our involvement in this industry. From China to India, to Great Britain to France, and back here in the United States, electric transportation can only create a new industry that will increase our manufacturing sector’s ability to build clean efficient cars.

I recently spoke with an owner of an electric car company who said that the UAW was more than excited to build electric cars since the traditional car companies were leaving Detroit in single file. This can only increase domestic jobs in the United States and help our economy. Our world is depending on fossil fuels from countries that predominantly have not supported the best financial interests of the United States. It is a national security issue for all of us to be sending over billions of dollars to countries that are politically unstable and/or antagonistic with Western nations.

Another way to ask the questions is: Should we be sending more money to Iran and Venezuela, or should we keep it in our own pockets? That is why I believe in a pollution-free, oil-free form of transportation. My first company’s tag line use to be “Pollution-Free, Oil-Free, It’s Good To Be Free.” That is the mantra I would like to provide for this book! When you drive an electric vehicle, that is how you feel—free.

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