A Textbook of Electrical Technology Volume 1 Basic Electrical Engineering
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A Textbook of Electrical Technology Volume 1 Basic Electrical Engineering

Electrical Technology Volume 1 Basic Electrical Engineering PDF Free Download by B. L. THERAJA and A.K. THERAJA.

Revised by: S. G. TARNEKAR

Preface to Electrical Technology PDF

The primary objective of Vol. I of A Textbook of Electrical Technology is to provide a comprehensive treatment of topics in

‘‘Basic Electrical Engineering’’ both for electrical as well as nonelectrical students pursuing their studies in civil, mechanical, mining, textile, chemical, industrial, environmental, aerospace, electronic and computer engineering both at the Degree and Diploma level.

Based on the suggestions received from our esteemed readers, both from India and abroad, the scope of the book has been enlarged according to their requirements.

Almost half the solved examples have been deleted and replaced by latest examination papers set upto 1994 in different engineering colleges and technical institutions in India and abroad.

Following major additions/changes have been made in the present edition:

1. Three new chapters entitled (a) A.C. Network Analysis (b) A.C. Filter Networks and (c) Fourier Series have been added thereby widening the scope of the book.

2. The chapter on Network Theorems has been updated with the addition of Millman’s Theorem (as applicable to voltage and current sources or both) and an article on Power Transfer Efficiency relating to Maximum Power Transfer Theorem.

3. The additions to the chapter on Capacitors include detailed articles on Transient Relations during Capacitor Charging and Discharging Cycles and also the Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor with Initial Charge.

4. Chapter on Chemical Effects of Current has been thoroughly revised with the inclusion of Electronic Battery Chargers, Static Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems, High Temperature Batteries, Secondary Hybrid Cells, Fuel Cells and Aircraft and Submarine Batteries.

5. A detailed description of Thermocouple Ammeter has been added to the chapter on Electrical Instruments.

6. The chapter on Series A.C. Circuits has been enriched with many articles such as Determination of Upper and Lower Half-power Frequencies, Value of Edge Frequencies and Relation between Resonant Power and Off-resonance Power.

It is earnestly hoped that with these extensive additions and revisions, the present edition will prove even more useful to our numerous readers than the earlier ones.

As ever before, we are thankful to our publishers particularly Sh. Ravindra Kumar Gupta for the personal interest he took in the expeditious printing of this book and for the highly attractive cover design suggested by him.

Our sincere thanks go to their hyperactive and result-oriented overseas manager for his globe-trotting efforts to popularise the book from one corner of the globe to the other.

Lastly we would love to record our sincere thanks to two brilliant ladies; Mrs. Janaki Krishnan from ever-green fairy land of Kerala and Ms. Shweta Bhardwaj from the fast-paced city of Delhi for the secretarial support they provided us during the prepration of this book.

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