AutoCAD Electrical 2006
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AutoCAD Electrical 2006

ACE 是 AutoCAD Electrical 的简称,是 Autodesk 公司推出的基于 AutoCAD 通用平台 的专业电气设计软件,第一个版本是 AutoCAD Eectrical 2004。本书将以 ACE2006 为基础 讲解如何应用 ACE 进行电气设计。

ACE2006 的安装比较容易,但对软、硬件环境有一定要求。我刚开始在 WindowsXP 专业版下安装不了,提示缺少某些支持文件,后来升级到 Service Pack2 即可顺利安装完毕。 我的硬件环境是一台 Dell 笔记本,CPU 是 1.4G,内存 256M,硬盘 30G,屏幕分辨 率为 1024×768,感觉还可以。我的软件版本是 ACE2006 加 SP1。 考虑到使用和叙述的方便,我将本书所用的工作环境做了一些定制。关掉了 ACE 中 浮动选项板,并将 AutoCAD 中常用的绘图和修改工具条分放在 ACE 左右两侧,因为在画 屏柜图、原理图符号甚至原理图本身都要用到它们。另外使用时记得将状态条上的捕捉和 DYN 功能关掉。 请读者将 ACE 的界面设得与图 1-1 相同。 图中左边的项目管理器关闭后可以用鼠标单击 Electrical 2 工具条上的按钮 来开 启。 而 Draw 和 Modify 工具条可用鼠标右键在 Panel 工具条上方的空白处单击后,在快捷 菜单中选取。 AutoCAD2006 提供了一个 Workspaces 的管理器,可以方便地将这些设置保存下来, 在出现混乱时可以迅速恢复。单击 Workspaces 工具条上的下拉按钮,选择 Save Current As… 项将这些设置保存,名字可以自行设置。

ACE is the abbreviation of AutoCAD Electrical. It is a professional electrical design software based on AutoCAD's universal platform. The first version is AutoCAD Eectrical 2004. This book will be based on ACE2006 to explain how to apply ACE for electrical design.

Installation of ACE2006 is relatively easy, but there are certain requirements for software and hardware environments. I just started to install under Windows XP Professional, suggesting that some support files are missing, and then upgrade to Service Pack 2 to complete the installation. My hardware environment is a Dell notebook, the CPU is 1.4G, the memory is 256M, the hard disk is 30G, and the screen resolution is 1024×768. It feels OK. My software version is ACE2006 plus SP1. Considering the ease of use and narration, I made some customizations to the working environment used in this book. Turn off the floating palette in the ACE and place the drawing and modification toolbars commonly used in AutoCAD on the left and right sides of the ACE, as they are used in the panel diagrams, schematic symbols, and even the schematic itself. Also remember to turn off the capture and DYN functions on the status bar. The reader is asked to set the ACE interface to be the same as Figure 1-1. The project manager on the left of the figure can be opened by clicking the button on the Electrical 2 toolbar with the mouse. The Draw and Modify toolbars can be selected from the shortcut menu by clicking the right mouse button on the space above the Panel toolbar. AutoCAD 2006 provides a Workspaces manager that makes it easy to save these settings and recover quickly in the event of panic. Click the drop-down button on the Workspaces toolbar and select the Save Current As... item to save these settings. The name can be set by yourself.

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