Practical Electric Motor Handbook by Irving Gottlieb
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Practical Electric Motor Handbook by Irving Gottlieb

Practical Electric Motor Handbook by Irving Gottlieb | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Practical Electric Motor Handbook

Many good books are available which give a rigorous and comprehensive treatment of electrical motors. These serve the requirements of academia, and are fine for both would-be and accomplished specialists.

There are, however, numerous technologists and practitioners of the applied sciences who might not readily derive enjoy such treatises; as an example , engineers, electronics designers, intelligent hobbyists and experimenters.

Although such people generally possess more-than-adequate technical backgrounds, they often feel ill comfortable when working with electric motors.

Included in their company are electrical engineers for the straightforward reason that their training probably focused more on software, programming and computer logic than on rotating machinery.

This book therefore targets the massive body of workers reasonably versed in engineering concepts who feel the necessity of practical insights concerning electric motors.

Instead of motor design, their chief concerns roll in the hay the choice , system installation, operation and performance evaluation of electrical motors.

within the pursuit of this goal, the author has sought to clarify those aspects of electrical motors that each one too often pose difficulties for both students and professionals.

Electronic specialists expertly in analog and digital control techniques should recognize many possibilities of modifying the 'natural' characteristics of electrical motors.

Even those curious about the detailed nuances of specialised design, should find useful guidance during this practical treatment of electrical motors.