Electric Motors and Control Systems by Petruzella
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Electric Motors and Control Systems by Petruzella

Electric Motors and Control Systems by Frank D. Petruzella | PDF Free Download.

Author of Electric Motors and Control Systems

Frank D. Petruzella has extensive practical experience in the electrical motor control field, as well as many years of experience teaching and authoring textbooks.

Before becoming a full-time educator, he was employed as an apprentice and electrician in areas of electrical installation and maintenance.

He holds a Master of Science degree from Niagara University, a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York College–Buffalo, as well as diplomas in Electrical Power and Electronics from the Erie County Technical Institute.

Electric Motors and Control Systems Contents

  1.  Chapter 1 Safety in the Workplace 
  2.  Chapter 2 Understanding Electrical Drawings
  3.  Chapter 3 Motor Transformers and Distribution Systems 
  4.  Chapter 4 Motor Control Devices
  5.  Chapter 6 Contactors and Motor Starters
  6.  Chapter 7 Relays
  7.  Chapter 5 Electric Motors
  8. Chapter 10 Adjustable-Speed Drives
  9.  Chapter 9 Motor Control Electronics

Preface to Electric Motors and Control Systems

This book has been written for a course of study that will introduce the reader to a broad range of motor types and control systems. It provides an overview of electric motor operation, selection, installation, control, and maintenance.

Every effort has been made in this first edition text to present the most up-to-date information, reflecting the current needs of the industry.

The broad-based approach taken makes this text viable for a variety of motor and control system courses.

Content is suitable for colleges, technical institutions, and vocational/technical schools as well as apprenticeship and journeymen training.

Electrical apprentices and journeymen will find this book to be invaluable because of National Electrical Code references as well as information on maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

Personnel involved in motor maintenance and repair will find the book to be a useful reference text. The text is comprehensive! It includes coverage of how motors operate in conjunction with their associated control circuitry.

Both older and newer motor technologies are examined. Topics covered range from motor types and controls to installing and maintaining conventional controllers, electronic motor drives, and programmable logic controllers.

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