Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting by Augie Hand
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Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting by Augie Hand

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Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting Second Edition by Augie Hand

About the Author

Augie Hand has over 40 j^ears of experience in the electric motor field. He owned and operated an electric motor repair shop for 15 years and originated and taught the Electric Motor Repair course for 8 years at Southwestern Technical Institute in Jackson, MN. Mr.

Hand has been presenting seminars to electric motor repair shops and large industrial firms for over 15 jears. He is also the co-author of Electric Motor Repair, 3rd ed., which is considered the industry "Bible."

Main Contents of Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting and Testing the DC Machine
  • Armature Problems
  • Brush Problems
  • Neutral Location in the Stator and Armature
  • Field Testing the DC Machine
  • Locating Problems in the DC Machine
  • Locating Problems in the Shunt Field
  • Drawing Simple Schematics of a Shunt Field
  • Locating Problems in the Series Field
  • Identifying Leads of a Compound DC Motor with an Ohmmeter
  • Capacitor Test Formula
  • The Squirrel Cage Rotor
  • AC Electric Motor Theory
  • AC Terminology
  • Inductive Reactance
  • Capacitance and Capacitive Reactance
  • Oil-Filled Capacitor
  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • The Series Generator
  • The Compound Generator
  • The DC Arc Welder
  • Interpoles
  • Operation of a DC Motor
  • The Shunt Motor
  • The Permanent Magnet DC Motor
  • The Series Motor
  • The Compound DC Motor
  • The Stabilized Shunt Motor
  • Speed Control for a Compound DC Motor
  • Armature Components
  • The Single-Phase Motor
  • Shaded-Pole Motor
  • Split-Phase Motor
  • Capacitor Motors
  • Thermal Protective Devices
  • Alternative Start-Winding Switches
  • The Three-Phase Induction Motor
  • Operation ofthe Three-Phase Motor
  • Amperes and Rotor Bar Design
  • Introduction to Three-Phase Motor Types
  • Multi speed Motors Multimode Nine-Lead Three-Phase Motors
  • Identifying the Triple-Mode, Nine-Lead Three-Phase Motor
  • Three-Phase Servo Motors
  • Identifying the Three-Phase Induction Motor
  • Troubleshooting Three-Phase Motors
  • Identifying Unmarked Leads in a Nine-Lead Three-Phase Motor
  • Typical Winding Problems
  • When Motors Overheat
  • Troubleshooting Less Common Motors
  • Locating Motor Faults
  • Bearing Maintenance
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Test Instruments and Services

Introduction to Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Worldwide competition has forced big changes in industry. Predictive and preventive maintenance programs have replaced reactive maintenance.

These programs are important factors in the profit and, in numerous cases, the survival of many industries. The cost per hour of downtime clearly illustrates the need for such programs.

This Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting book explains electric motor theory and troubleshooting techniques. Its intent is to inform the technician in direct language without needless math and cross-references.

Effective electric motor maintenance and troubleshooting require a complete understanding of a motor's internal structure.

The electric motor theory in this text is directly relatable to maintenance and troubleshooting. The math and motor theory  are not meant to be used as exact formulas for designing or redesigning a motor or an electrical system. Instead, they are directly applied to motor problems and solutions.

The Electric Motor Maintenance and Troubleshooting book covers all types of AC and DC motors. DC motor and generator operation (and components) will be explained first, followed by AC single-phase motors, and then three-phase motors.

Connections and their numbering systems are included with the description of each machine. Two troubleshooting procedures will be presented.

The first procedure tests the machine's components to quickly see if it should be removed for repair. The next procedure locates the problem inside the machine.

Although electric machine problems can be difficult, there is no problem that does not have an explanation and a solution. It's just a matter of gathering all the facts, and applying the appropriate logic.

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