AC Electric Motors Control by Fouad Giri
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AC Electric Motors Control by Fouad Giri

AC Electric Motors Control Advanced Design Techniques and Applications by Fouad Giri | PDF Free Download.

AC Electric Motors Control Contents

  • Introduction to AC Motor Control 
  • Part One Control Models for AC Motors
  • Part Two Observer Design Techniques for AC Motors
  • Part Three Control Design Techniques for Induction Motors
  • Part Four Control Design Techniques for Synchronous Motors
  • Part Five Industrial Applications of AC Motors Control

Preface to AC Electric Motors Control

The last two decades have witnessed spectacular developments in the technologies of power electronics and microprocessors.

Due to these developments, sophisticated power converters and digital signal processors (DSP) have become available, making possible the use of high-performance AC drives in widespread applications.

For this goal to be fully realized, one should get as much benefit as possible from the considerable progress made in the field of control theory.

Three decades of intensive research activity has resulted in a proliferation of nonlinear control methods, published in hundreds of journal and conference papers.

Of course, not all nonlinear control methods apply to AC motors, but a significant fraction does.

The aim of this monograph is to make available to the scientific community a resource reflecting the wide variety of control problems posed by AC motors and drawing up the state of the art of the corresponding control methods for design, analysis, and implementation.

In this respect, special focus is made on the topics of sensorless nonlinear observers, adaptive and robust nonlinear controllers, output-feedback controllers, fault detection and isolation algorithms, and fault-tolerant controllers.

The most significant developments in these topics, and their applications to AC motor control, are described in this book, as well as some new research topics.

Most of the concepts and methods are presented by their own inventors.

The book is intended for a wide variety of readers, including academia and industry researchers, graduate students and their professors, engineers, and practitioners.

Although it includes many aspects of the theory, it is nonetheless beneficial to practitioners who will be able to use the methods without necessarily understanding every single detail of the theory.

It will also be useful for newcomers to research in the field of AC motor control. For students and newcomers, the main prerequisites are undergraduate courses on linear and nonlinear system control, on electric machines, and on power electronics.

Each chapter includes an introduction and an individual reference list, and the different chapters are written in a way that makes them readable independently from each other.

I am grateful to my colleagues from around the world who generously contributed to this work, bringing together considerable knowledge from a wide range of aspects of the research area.

I feel particularly honored to offer this collective work originating from their contributions.

Marc Bodson and Vincent van Assche not only directly contributed by coauthoring chapters, but also helped in other ways, with Marc reading and correcting parts of the manuscript, and Vincent retyping parts in Latex and compiling the whole manuscript.

My sincere thanks go to Marc and Vincent for their contributions. Special and warm thanks go to Abderrahim El Fadili, Abdelmounim El Magri, and Hamid Ouadi, all three my former Ph.D. students and current collaborators.

The present book would certainly never have come out without the innumerable and exciting exchanges we had along the past 10 years.

I am particularly grateful to Abderrahim and Abdelmounim who kindly accepted to retype in Latex some chapters initially written in Word by the authors.

Last, but not least, I would like to thank Peter Mitchell, Liz Wingett, and Richard Davies, all three from John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, UK, who provided numerous advice and material help during the editing stage of the book.

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