Handbook Gear Design Second Edition by Gitin M. Maitra
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Handbook Gear Design Second Edition by Gitin M. Maitra

Preface to the First Edition:

Prima facie, a gear is an ordinary machine element, yet such is the modern demand and mportance of this seemingly simple engineering component that the science and art of gear engineering is continuing to develop new, highly efficient and unusual forms of gear systems, gear mechanisms and arrangements to meet the exacting and ever-increasing requirements of present-day technology. Today gears represent a high level of achievement in engineering behind their seemingly simple facade.

Rapid developmentshave taken place inrecent yearsinthe design, manufacturingprocesses material, heat-treatment and other strength-improving procedures, inspection, checking and control of gears. In the presentera of sophisticated technology, mass production anc high-speed machinery, geardesign has evolved to a h gh degree of perfection. The design andmanufacture of precision-cut gears, made from materials of high strength, have made it possible to produce gears which are capable of transitting extremely large loads atextremely high circumferential speeds with very little noise, vibration and other undesirable aspects of gear drives.

It is, therefore, imperative that students and engineers alike must keep themselves abreast of the latest, rapidly changing gear-desigı techniques While books on gear design are galore in industrially developed countries, there is dearth of such books in India which take cognizance of the pragmatic approachtowardsthissubject and which conform to the Indan Standards and use the SI units of measurements. The basic concepts of gear design and their practical use have been exhaustively dealt with in this book.

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Existingtreatises, foreign or indigenous,are normally restricted to sophisticated clientele orare too detailed in nature. This book is intended to present the technology of gearing in a lucid manner to help the engineeringstudent as well asthe design engineers, techniciars and other killed personnel working in the industry, so that they can 'easily appreciate the underlying principles and practice of the subject. During my tenure as a design engineer in industries at tome and abroad, have gained considerable experience in the practical sideof geardesign and this volume is, therefore, written with an emphasis and bias towards the practical approach. At the sametime, it has been supplemented by a sufficient accountofthe theoretical aspects. This would beprofitable forthe readers wishingto probe intothejustification ofthe design techniques nvolved.

Since the subject of gear technology is vast, I have felt impelled to discuss the subject in the troadest terms within the scope available. Aspects of different types ofgears, gearing systems and allied subjects which are normally encountered in gear design have been discussed in this took. Forthose readers who wish to pursue the subject in even greater depth and detail, copious references are alluded to at relevant pages. Acknowledgementsareduemostly to the authors ofthenumerous books and technical papers llia vcwnı sulted wliile prepas į ng Ili isbook, I will be diisil k ful if Ilıc cuuls llial шǐglulia v c cıcp1 in inadvertently are pointed out. Any suggestions leading to the improvement of the book will be gratefully received.

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