Data Structures Using C Second Edition by Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science by Reema Thareja
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Data Structures Using C Second Edition by Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science by Reema Thareja

This book is aimed at serving as a textbook for undergraduate engineering students of computer science and postgraduate level courses of computer applications. The objective of this book is to introduce the concepts of data structures and apply these concepts in problem solving. The book provides a thorough and comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of data structures and the principles of algorithm analysis. The main focus has been to explain the principles required to select or design the data structure that will best solve the problem.

A structured approach is followed to explain the process of problem solving. A theoretical description of the problem is followed by the underlying technique. These are then ably supported by an example followed by an algorithm, and finally the corresponding program in C language.  A data structure is the logical or mathematical arrangement of data in memory. It considers not only the physical layout of the data items in the memory but also the relationships between these data items and the operations that can be performed on these items. The choice of appropriate data structures and algorithms forms the fundamental step in the design of an efficient program.

Thus, a thorough understanding of data structure concepts is essential for students who wish to work in the design and implementation of software systems. C, a general-purpose programming language, having gained popularity in both academia and industry serves as an excellent choice for learning data structures. This second edition of Data Structures Using C has been developed to provide a comprehensive and consistent coverage of both the abstract concepts of data structures as well as the implementation of these concepts using C language.

The book utilizes a systematic approach wherein the design of each of the data structures is followed by algorithms of different operations that can be performed on them, and the analysis of these algorithms in terms of their running times. Extended Material Chapter 1—This chapter has been completely restructured and reorganized so that it now provides a brief recapitulation of C constructs and syntax. Functions and pointers which were included as independent chapters in the first edition have now been jointly included in this chapter.

Chapter 2—New sections on primitive and non-primitive data structures, different approaches to designing algorithms, omega, theta, and little notations have been included. A number of new examples have also been added which show how to find the complexity of different functions. Chapter 5—This chapter now includes brief sections on unions, a data type similar to structures. Chapter 6—This chapter has been expanded to include topics on multi-linked lists, multi-linked list implementation of sparse matrices, and a C program on header linked lists. hapter 7—New C programs on parenthesis checking and evaluation of prefix expressions have been added. Recursion, which is one of the most common applications of stacks, has been moved to this chapter.

Chapter 8—New C programs on priority queues and multiple queues have been included. Chapter 9—This chapter now includes sections on general trees, forests, conversion of general trees into binary trees, and constructing a binary tree from traversal results. Chapter 10—An algorithm for in-order traversal of a threaded binary tree has been added. Chapter 11—A table summarizing the differences between B and B+ trees and a section on 2-3 trees have been included. Chapter 12—A brief section on how binary heaps can be used to implement priority queues has been added. Chapter 13—This chapter now includes a section which shows the adjacency multi-list representation of graphs.

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