Total Construction Project Management Second Edition by George J. Ritz and Sidney M. Levy
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Total Construction Project Management Second Edition by George J. Ritz and Sidney M. Levy

This book presents my personal thoughts and opinions on the management aspects of total construction management garnered over 45 years of executing a broad range of capital projects around the world. It stresses the practical side of construction management normally encountered in completing a construction contract. The goal of the book is to focus on the mental side of construction management rather than the technology side of the business.

In my review of the literature on construction management, I have found few, if any, books devoted to the everyday management of construction projects. With the possible exception of the computer, construction management is relatively independent of technology. Actually, developing construction management and technology skills are two independent but parallel paths to total construction management.

The material is generic enough for the reader to adapt the practices to any of the diverse facets of the construction environment. The management methods espoused in this book may call for learning new skills, techniques, styles, and changing your way of thinking acquired from past practices. They are designed to give a construction manager the essential tools to survive and prosper in a highly competitive environment.

Remember, no manager, athletic coach, or businessperson ever succeeded without drilling the fundamentals into his or her team. I discovered in writing this book that it is virtually impossible to cover a subject as broad as construction management in one moderately-sized volume. Many of the subjects discussed here need a volume of their own to cover the subject in detail. My only recourse was to address the subject from the construction manager's viewpoint, and refer readers to other books for more detail on the subject.

Those readers who have not yet started a management library are strongly advised to start building one, beginning with some of the titles referenced at the end of each chapter in this book. As the term construction manager is used here, it is intended to mean the person in responsible charge of the construction work at the job site. There are a number of names for that person, such as site superintendent, project manager, field manager, or construction engineer, so don't let your title confuse you as to what your responsibilities really are.

Anyone in responsible charge of the field activities must practice total construction project management to meet their project and personal goals. I hope the information passed along to you in this book will help you to enjoy managing in the construction industry as much as I have. Remember, none of us will ever know all there is to know about construction management, so keep an open mind. Good luck on your projects!

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