Code of Practice for Project Management
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Code of Practice for Project Management

Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development Fifth Edition | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Project Management PDF Book

The first edition of this Code of Practice, published in 1992, set out a job specification for a project manager and provided guidance on the project managers role.

Since then project management has become an integral part of the construction industry and been responsible for its increased reliability and quality of product.

The next few decades experienced some significant changes within the industry with much focus towards changing our culture and communication.

The interaction between the key participants in this industry, which produces many spectacular projects with increasing levels of complexity and technological prowess,

Continue to evolve around the necessity to deliver projects within an agreed budget, to a level of acceptable quality and within an agreed time scale.

The fourth edition, published in 2010, captured a range of themes across the industry. In this fifth edition, prepared in collaboration with a number of key professional bodies,

The entire document has been overhauled to make it more contemporary while maintaining the integrity and rationale of the role of a project manager and project management in context of the construction industry.

Following the spectacularly successful delivery of the Olympics (London 2012) and continuing with the UK Crossrail project, construction is at the forefront of successful project management.

This fifth edition, although developed specifically for the UK construction industry, will continue to satisfy the ever increasing demand for an authoritative document on this subject in other parts of the world.

I strongly commend this valuable multi-institutional code of practice to all the industrys clients, to practising project managers and indeed to all students of the subject and their mentors.

The fifth edition of the Code of Practice, under the stewardship of David Woolven FCIOB, has strived to keep pace, and in places perhaps steer the directions ahead, in the construction industry which has been at the centre of economic regeneration and development across the globe.

In keeping with the fourth edition, the fifth edition has also been prepared by a broad representation of the industry, with contributions from built environment specialists and interdisciplinary cooperation between professionals within the built environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have helped with the fifth edition. A list of participants and the organisations represented is included in this book.

Specific note of thanks must go to Piotr Nowak, who has been ably and patiently assisted by Una Mair throughout the delivery process,

For coordinating all the disparate elements of the review of the Code of Practice by maintaining the information flow and also for managing the digitalisation of all the figures and diagrams.

I would also like to thank Arnab Mukherjee, FCIOB, who led the editorial and drafting team, for the successful delivery of this document.

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