Understanding Construction Drawing Fifth Edition by Mark W. Huth
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Understanding Construction Drawing Fifth Edition by Mark W. Huth

Preface to Understanding Construction Drawing PDF Book

Understanding Construction Drawings is intended for students in construction programs in two-year and four-year colleges and technical institutes, as well as apprentice training.

Designed for a course in print reading focused on both residential and commercial construction, the book helps you learn to read the drawings that are used to communicate information about buildings.

It includes drawings for buildings that were designed for construction in several parts of North America.

The diversity of building classifications and geographic locations ensures that you are ready to work on construction jobs anywhere in the industry.

Everyone who works in building construction should be able to read and understand the drawings of the major trades. The book is divided into four major parts and several units within each part.

Each part relates to the prints in the separate drawing packet, Part I, Drawings—The Language of Construction, introduces you to the basics of print reading by covering views, scales, lines, and symbols, as well as the various plan views, elevations, and sections and details.

Part II, Reading Drawings for Trade Information, provides information on how to interpret drawings for project specifics–everything from footings and foundation walls to room finishing and cabinets.

Part III, Multifamily Construction, dives into the details of more advanced residential print reading and applies the skills learned in Parts I and II to other types of construction, as well as mechanical and electrical trades.

Part IV, Heavy Commercial Construction, presents the need-to-know information on interpreting prints for large commercial construction including structural drawings, mechanical drawings, and electrical drawings.

Features of the Units The individual units are made up of four elements: Objectives, the main body of the unit, Check Your Progress, and Assignment.

The Objectives appear at the beginning of the unit so that you will know what to look for as you study the unit.

The main body is the presentation of content with many illustrations and references to the prints for the building being studied in that part. Check Your Progress gives you a quick check on how well you understood the main points in the unit.

Each unit contains ten to twenty Assignment questions that require you both to understand the content of the unit and to apply that understanding to reading the drawings.

There are more than 600 questions in the book. The Drawing Packet, Glossary, and Appendix At the back of the text you will find several helpful aids for studying construction drawings.

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