The Complete Guide to Garden Walls and Fences
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The Complete Guide to Garden Walls and Fences

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• Improve Backyard Environments

• Enhance Privacy & Enjoyment

• Define Space & Borders 

Introduction to The Complete Guide to Garden Walls and Fences

Stroll through any residential ne ighborhood and you're bound to see at least a dozen different styles of fen c ing and garden wa lls built \"lith nea rly as many different materials. If YO Ll pause to admire the look of a fence or \,va ll ,

consider hm,v it enhances (or de tracts from) the hOllse and grounds. vVhat do the homeovmers achieve by adding the fen ce or wa ll to the yard? Perhaps the fen ce adds privacy for a backyard patio or sec urity for a sv.rimming pool or play area. Or,

maybe it c reates a decorative boundary li ne, adding cu rb ap pea l. As a passerby, \vhat does the fence or wall do for you? Does it make you feel welcome or just th e opposite?

Does it direct visito rs to a front e ntra nce? Does it complement the hOllse in the background o r simply obscure it from view? These a re the kinds of questions you' ll be asking you rself w hen it's time to brainstorm about you r new fence or

All project. I n othe r words, there's more to the pl an ning process than c hoosing a style and mate rials. For sta rte rs, it's helpful to think of wa lls and fe nces as more than j ust borde rs and barri e rs; indeed, they ca n be rful design tools.

To apprec iate what a wall or fe nce cun do for your outdoor spaces, think for a moment a bout the many uses of walls inside your home. \t\fa lls a re the primary building blocks of every floo r pla n.

They c reate rooms out of e mpty space . They make private areas priva te a nd turn wide-open spaces into more usable, comfortable zones.

They direct traffic through the house and serve as bac kdrops for furniture a nd decorations. An d finally, wi th the help of windows, walls shape and e nhance yo ur views of th e outside world .

Outdoor \,valls and fenc es can have the same tran sformati ve e ffec ts. A tall , solid fen ce instantly provides privacy and a sense of security and e nclosure, c reating a priva te haven withi n its borde rs.

An orname ntal me ta l fe nce adds just as muc h security without a visual ba rri e r. Both fe nces and low walls ca n direct traffic-from the street to the front door, aro und the house to the bac kyard , or into and around a ga rde n.

alls make \vonderful bac kdrops for a ll kinds of ornamenta l p lants, and they're great for d e fining patio spaces and othe r seating or entertaining areas.

And \vith just the right amount of open space, a wa ll , fence, or ga te can offer tantalizing glimpses of vv hClt lies beyo nd, adding a sense of mystery to a colorful f]m,ve r gu rde n or a stunning view in the distance

Vhatever look and fun c ti ons you have in mind , this book \·vill he lp you c hoose the right mate rials a nd produc ts a nd s how you how to tac kle the job from start to finish.

You'lI lcarn traditiona l building tec hniques, li ke bricklaying and dry-stacking wa ll stones, as well as installation steps fo r the newest prefab fencing products,

Including wood composite a nd ornamental me tal fences. Your options are \vide open- keep that in mind the next time you're out on an "ins pirational" stroll thro ugh the ne ighborhood.