Sustainable Construction Processes A Resource Text by Steve Goodhew
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Sustainable Construction Processes A Resource Text by Steve Goodhew


This text follows the process of sustainable construction from an idea to the creation of a sustainable building. When a client or architect imagines a sustainable building, there are a myriad of systems, processes, guidelines, and standards that are negotiated in the journey from blueprint to completed building. Sustainable Construction Processes:

A Resource Text provides a source guide along this journey, whilst also discussing the challenges and uncertainties that arise when constructing a building worthy of its sustainable credentials. The idea for this book came from the need for a text, suited to Plymouth University’s students, that would cover sustainable construction as a process rather than simply focusing on the needs of a designer. It complements but does not duplicate the many other texts on sustainable construction that focus on the design of buildings, procedures, links to sustainable development, climate change, or sustainable cities. Rather, it is concerned with how the best‐laid plans of designers, planners, engineers, consultants, and project managers come to fruition, and the process though which buildings are (or are not) constructed in a fashion that makes these plans work in practice.

This is a fast‐moving field of study, and inevitably different policies, facts, figures, and assessment systems change with a remarkable rapidity. However, the underlying principles of how we build sustainably and the basic tools that are required for this task remain relatively static. This book introduces the rationale and history that lie behind the drivers for sustainable construction. Decisions inform even the earliest stage of a build, such as the client deciding whether they require a new or refurbished building.

From this beginning, the text follows the decision‐making process for each stage of a building’s life cycle to illuminate the requirements and challenges of designing, constructing, and occupying sustainable buildings. It leads the reader through the areas of sustainable procurement: how we can obtain buildings that will meet the needs of our clients, as well as the broader needs of society and the environment, without costing us and our communities too much. The elements of building design related to energy, water, and materials are examined to demonstrate how construction processes can ensure that our buildings are truly sustainable. Assessment systems are introduced and their basic underlying principles discussed.

The challenge of anticipating the behaviours of occupants and the practicalities of building with some of the new sustainable technologies are considered. Finally, we consider potential areas of growth and present some contrasting visions for the future of sustainability.

About the author

Steve Goodhew is Professor of Environmental Building and Discipline Leader of the School of Architecture, Design, and Environment at Plymouth University. He has carried out research and taught in the area of sustainable construction for over 20 years. His main focus has been the assessment and monitoring of existing buildings specialising in the in situ measurement of the thermal properties of building materials, particularly the use of thermal imaging. Steve is the Associate Head of Research and a fellow of the RICS and the CIOB. He studied at Bristol Polytechnic, London University, and Cranfield Institute of Technology, gaining his PhD from Plymouth University.

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