Project Management in Construction 6th Edition
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Project Management in Construction 6th Edition

Project Management in Construction 6th Edition by Anthony Walker | PDF Free Download.

Project Management in Construction Contents

  • Introduction
  • Organization and the Construction Process
  • Systems Thinking and Construction Project Organisation
  • Clients and Stakeholders
  • Project Team
  • A Model of the Construction Process
  • Authority, Power and Politics
  • Project Leadership
  • Organization Structures
  • Analysis and Design of Project Management Structures

Preface to Project Management in Construction PDF

As Project Management in Construction 6th Edition PDF Book makes its appearance, the challenge of managing construction projects to successful outcomes continues unabated throughout the world.

Prestigious projects make the headlines: both those successful and those less so. The public’s imagination is captured by, for instance, constructions to accommodate great sporting events such as the Olympics and spectacular buildings such as Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower.

But such projects overshadow the enormous amount of construction which contributes hugely to people’s well-being. The importance of developing all projects effectively, both public and private, is central to the economy in using the world’s resources.

Many factors impinge on success in this arena: development and utilization of materials and new machines, training and education of a skilled workforce, political will, and understanding of people’s needs, to name but a few.

A major need, central to effectively producing projects whatever their scale, is the organization and management of people skilled in designing and building them.

As with all previous editions of this Project Management in Construction 6th Edition PDF Book, this edition focuses further on proposing and using systems theory as the organizational approach suitable for this task and addresses the increasing complexity of the environments within which construction projects find themselves placed.

In doing so, this edition has sought to explain how diverse approaches to organization underpin systems theory and its relevance to construction project management as well as recognizing the many competing paradigms and alternative perspectives available, for example in relation to differentiation and integration.

Recognition has also been afforded to the recent emergence of the study of temporary organizations arising in mainstream management and its relevance to construction project management.

Whilst encompassing the need to develop further theoretical aspects of construction project organization theory, this edition has also enhanced the application of organization studies to practical issues of construction project management.

More emphasis has been placed on the added complexity of construction project management by issues surrounding clients and stakeholders and by issues engendered by the control and empowerment of project participants.

Additional focus has been made on sustainability issues as they impinge on construction project management, on reworked views on supply chain management, and on developments in partnering together with clarification of the shifting terms and definitions relating to construction organization structures and their uses.

Another general updating has been undertaken with some reorganization of chapters and sections to aid continuity and clarity.

Six editions are not achieved without great indebtedness to colleagues from both academia and practice who have contributed enormously to my knowledge and understanding and who have provided encouragement over many years.

I fully recognize their contribution, in particular my colleagues past and present from the University of Hong Kong and those who publish in the academic press in the field of construction project management in its widest sense.

And, of course, once again my thanks are due to my wife for seeing me through this edition with forbearance and encouragement. Of course, only I am responsible for any faults that remain, but hope that this edition continues to make a contribution to the field.

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