Construction Projects Scheduling and Control Third Edition By Saleh Mubarak
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Construction Projects Scheduling and Control Third Edition By Saleh Mubarak

This is the third edition of Construction Project Scheduling and Control. I am very pleased with its continuous success. The book has become popular throughout the world, both in paper and in digital form. I continuously receive correspondence  comments, suggestions, requests for instructional materials (instructor support materials including an instructor manual and PowerPoints.

was so happy and proud when the language editor (of the first edition) corrected me regarding an activity’s total float in an example in the book. She had no technical background but had learned the critical path method while linguistically reviewing my book! During the past nine years, I have been using my book in professional seminars and college classes.

I have discussed it with my friends, colleagues, and students. I have always kept a log of all suggestions and corrections. I started thinking about the second edition just after the first edition was published in 2004 and about the third edition just after the second edition was published in 2010. I have modified the definition of the critical path after so many readings and discussions with experts and colleagues.

I think I have now the most accurate definition in all of the literature available. Is it possible that I modify the definition in the future? Absolutely! Although I was very happy and content with the way the book came out and was received, I believe there is no such thing as the perfect human product. Imperfection is part of human nature, but we should think of it positively: there is always room for improvement.

I have had to parallel my satisfaction and ambition in completing this third edition with a strong conviction that the fourth edition will be coming out in a few years. In my professional seminars and college courses, even though the course or seminar may be the same, I make updates and adjustments every time I teach it. I believe in continuous improvement and in the saying, “My today must be better than my yesterday, and my tomorrow must be better than my today.” One experience has added to my knowledge and the book—the overseas jobs that I have held between 2008 and 2014.

There are just different ways of doing things. However, in a project management team, all must sing together in harmony with one common tune—what a challenge! Keep in mind, our field is an empirical, not an exact, science! Believe it or not, I enjoy every minute of this “clash of cultures.” I think of it like this: “one cubic meter of concrete mix: $100; one ton of steel: $600; one workday with 30 different nationalities: priceless!” This edition contains many additions in almost every chapter and part of the book. One new chapter (Chapter 15) has been added on “Building Information Modeling (BIM) and scheduling.

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