Construction Management Principles and Practice by Alan Griffith and Paul Watson
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Construction Management Principles and Practice by Alan Griffith and Paul Watson


Construction Management: Principles and Practice focuses on the activities of the principal contracting organisation when undertaking a construction project. The aim of the book is to introduce and explain those key management functions and processes applicable throughout the site works of a construction project and consider the basic concepts, principles, systems and procedures which impact on the management functions and processes carried out.

The fundamental tenet of this book is that the comprehensive understanding and considered undertaking of key site management functions and processes is a prerequisite to organisational effectiveness and project success. While the book focuses on site management aspects it must always be remembered that appropriate, efficient and effective company policies, strategies and systems, construction technology and production methods are essential to the undertaking of any project. Moreover, the contribution and management of the people who make construction happen lie at the heart of any construction project. All of these aspects contribute to project success. Many long-standing management functions, concepts, principles and procedures are traditionally applied to the site management of construction works: site organisation; planning and progressing; cost control; plant and materials procurement. These and others are well understood, recognised and accepted.

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The effective undertaking of such aspects has successfully delivered many construction projects. In more recent times, not necessarily new but evolving and reconfigured site management functions and processes have become prominent in meeting the increasing and substantial demands which have emerged from both within and outside the construction industry.  Over the past twenty-five years quality assurance management, for example, has evolved to become a fundamental, accepted and significant part of construction management, with recent developments seeing the introduction of the quality management standard BS EN ISO 9000: 2000 and the European Foundation for Quality Management Business Excellence Model (EFQM).

Moreover, quality management has served as a driver for a more systematic approach to other management functions such as health and safety and environmental safeguard. Site management needs to be aware of the many both traditional and evolving concepts and practices within construction which impinge on the company and project site organisations with which they are involved. The book seeks to assist in meeting this need.

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