Construction Contracts by Edward Whitticks
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Construction Contracts by Edward Whitticks

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Construction Contracts How to Manage Contracts and Control Disputes in a Volatile Industry by Edward Whitticks.

Contents of Construction Contracts PDF

  • Client Policy and Practice
  • The Bid Package
  • Bid Preparation
  • Evaluation
  • Procedures
  • Contracts Management
  • Claims
  • Payments and Contract Closeout
  • Workshop Exercises
  • Manuals and Models

Preface to Construction Contracts eBook

This book is written for major civil and engineering contractors, consulting engineers, and their clients in the energy industry.

It is intended as a desktop companion and reference for project managers, project engineers, contract administrators, cost scheduling engineers, and others engaged in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemical plant construction.

It is also valuable as a textbook to be used in the training and education of the above. The book covers, inter alia, efficient preparation of bid packages,

pitfalls encountered in the invitation to bid, advice on suitable contract formats, evaluation of bids, processing of variation orders, work procedures, avoidance of construction claims,

quantification of delay and disruption costs, negotiation strategies in disputes, work breakdown structures and invoicing, and contract closeout procedures.

Edward Whitticks has had many years of experience as a field contracts manager on projects in North and South America, the Middle East, and the North Sea.

He has written and/or administered more than 1,000 contracts for oil and gas construction worldwide.

Mr. Whitticks presently conducts courses and seminars throughout Europe, the Middle East, and India on contracts management and construction claims avoidance. He lives in Surrey, England

Download Construction Contracts How to Manage Contracts and Control Disputes in a Volatile Industry by Edward Whitticks in PDF Format for free.