Building Construction Handbook 10th Edition
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Building Construction Handbook 10th Edition

Building Construction Handbook 10th Edition by Roy Chudley and Roger Greeno | PDF Free Download.

Auhtor of Building Construction Handbook

Roger Greeno is a well-known author of construction texts. He has extensive practical and consultancy experience in the industry, in addition to lecturing at several colleges of further and higher education, and the University of Portsmouth.

He has also examined for City & Guilds, Edexcel, the Chartered Institute of Building, and the University of Reading.

Roy Chudley, formerly Senior Lecturer in Building Technology at the Guildford College of Technology, U.K, is an established author of numerous respected construction texts.

Building Construction Contents

  • Part One General
  • Part Two Site Works
  • Part Three Builders Plant
  • Part Four Substructure
  • Part Five Superstructure 1
  • Part Six Superstructure 2
  • Reinforced concrete slabs 
  • Part Seven Internal Construction and Finishes
  • Part Eight Domestic Services

Preface to Building Construction Handbook PDF

The Building Construction Handbook originated in 1982 as a series of four “check-books” written and illustrated by Roy Chudley.

In 1988 these successful study guides were consolidated into one volume under the present title. The format of comprehensive illustrations and support text has been maintained as revisions and updates are incorporated into new editions.

This latest edition contains a fresh assessment of the practices, procedures, guidance, and legislation appropriate to the construction and maintenance of housing and other low-rise buildings.

It also includes applications to medium and larger-scale structures for commercial and industrial purposes.

Much of the work from earlier editions is retained as an important reference, acknowledging that the industry end product generally has a long life span representative of high capital investment.

Product aftercare in the form of maintenance, repair, renovation, refurbishment, extensions, and alterations can represent some 50% of the industry turnover, much more when bank lending is limited for new development.

For this purpose, many established and traditional practices are shown in earlier editions are retained. Existing practices also benchmark development as a basis from which contemporary design and technology evolve.

This is in response to political, social, and economic requirements through legislative directives for environmental issues, energy regulation, fuel conservation, and the need for sustainability in construction.

The content of the book is extensive, although no textbook, not least this one, could ever incorporate all practices experienced in an industry so diverse as construction. The content is not exemplar and neither does it attempt to be prescriptive.

It is a perspective of construction principles including guidance to processes and, where appropriate, associated design.

The building is to some extent determined by the availability of materials and skilled operatives; therefore local, regional, and national factors will also be responsible for some variation.

Supplementary study material and detail can be obtained from professional journals, legislative papers, manufacturers’ product literature, the many crossreferences in the text, and attending exhibits and seminars.

The most valuable learning resource is observing and monitoring construction in progress.

The Building Construction Handbook is THE authoritative reference for all construction students and professionals. Its detailed drawings clearly illustrate the construction of building elements and have been an invaluable guide for builders since 1988.

The principles and processes of construction are explained with the concepts of design included where appropriate.

Extensive coverage of building construction practices, techniques, and regulations representing both traditional procedures and modern developments are included to provide the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to building construction.

This new edition has been updated to reflect recent changes to the building regulations, as well as new material on the latest technologies used in domestic construction.

Building Construction Handbook is the essential, easy-to-use resource for undergraduate and vocational students on a wide range of courses including NVQ and BTEC National, through to Higher National Certificate and Diploma, to Foundation and three-year Degree level.

It is also a useful practical reference for building designers, contractors and others engaged in the construction industry.

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