Properties of Concrete 5th Edition by A. M. Neville
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Properties of Concrete 5th Edition by A. M. Neville

Properties of Concrete Fifth Edition by A. M. Neville | PDF Free Download.

Preface to Properties of Concrete PDF

The format, organization and style of this edition are the same as those of the previous editions.

The justification is that those features have shown themselves to be successful by the fact that sales have continued to be strong right up to the year 2011.

The total sales in English, as well as in the 12 languages into which this book has been translated, exceed half-a-million copies over a period of nearly half-a-century.

With the passage of time, standards evolve, become modified, withdrawn and replaced.

This produces a need for updating a technical book such as Properties of Concrete and can be accommodated by minor changes in new impressions of an existing edition, as was done in the 14 impressions of the fourth edition, which I intended to be final.

This is still the case with American standards, where ASTM has a strict policy of periodic reviews, confirmation or replacement.
On the other hand, the situation of the British standards is far more complex. Specifically, there exist now some new British standards, described as also European standards, denoted by BS EN.

There continue to be in force some traditional British standards, denoted by BS.

In some cases, the British standards are described as obsolete, obsolescent, and also as current, supersede.

All this is highly confusing but is perhaps an inevitable consequence of a piecemeal introduction of new standards, which do not simply replace the old ones on a one-to-one basis.

There is a well-known saying that a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

The European standards are designed by an international committee! I have retained by way of tables and limits information contained in a number of the old British standards,

even those that have been withdrawn, because they contribute to knowledge of what is desirable in the understanding of a relevant property.

I believe that such an approach is valuable in a scientific book, encyclopaedic in character.

This is especially so because a number of the new BS EN standards lay down how to measure some property of concrete and then to declare the outcome but say nothing about the interpretation of the result.

Such an approach does not contribute to knowledge of what is desirable, let alone to understanding of the relevant property.

The new standards have been introduced in this fifth edition of Properties of Concrete for the purpose of informing the reader about the approach to, or principles of, testing.

However, given continuing evolution of standards, for specific use, the reader should refer to the text of the actual standards and follow them scrupulously.

After all, this book is not intended to be a manual or handbook, let alone a cookbook.

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